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What is it with that Corgan guy?

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Billy Corgan seems to be popping up in the news alot of late, and it hasnt been due much to his new album. It seems Mr Corgan has been stirring the pot quite a bit, and in different ways. Lets see, where shall we begin…oh yes, the Pumpkins …

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Supergrass enters decade 2

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Thats right, those loveable guys from Supergrass are back not long after thier 10 year anniversary with a new album. I really think these guys dont get much credit for being a solid rock band. Maybe not indie enough for some, too much for others, I like em…..

Supergrass …

28 July 2005  1 comment

Hailing the Death Cab

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As many are aware, DCFC drop a new one on August 30th. Ben Gibbard and the boys are doing some mighty nice touring as well. This show in particular, with The Decemberists and Stars is a must see for anyone near Central Park next month…..
Stream some new …

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New Rolling Stones doesnt suck?

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Im not ready to say that yet, but the new cut from the ageless rockers certainly is better than most of what they have put out in the past oh…..15 years. Anyway, Mick and the boys are indeed back at it, and here is a sample of the somewhat …

26 July 2005  2 comments

Lots of news over here…..

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Lots going on I need to catch up on after a brief jaunt out of town last week. Here are the highlights I couldnt help but notice…..

Wilco is making Jeffs recent appearance on The Bob Edwards show available for download, quite good.

Franz Ferdinand has some live tracks available on …

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If I could buy 4 albums tomorrow….

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If I could I would, buy these tomorrow…..(not 4 again, im such a cheapskate)

Also, you may be interested to know that Glide Magazine has picked up the Aqualung piece I did a while back. Have a look at thier rendition of the interview over here.
And keep checking the concert …

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Stephen Malkmus- Face the Truth

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I want to welcome and new reviewer to ENS. Joshua is a music nut like myself and has excellent taste. Hes also quite the writer. Stay tuned for more of his reviews, today he starts off with the new one from Stephen Malkmus.
< —Buy it Stephen Malkmus Face …

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If I could buy four albums……

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This week I would not, nothing strikes me at all. So, why not go out and grab some of this years best music this week. I’ll recommend four, in no order……

Tonight on the tube- The Hold Steady on Conan….

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Dr. Dog

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Are you listening to Dr. Dog yet? Well you should be, “the world may never know” is a catchy track. I saw them open for My Morning Jacket a while back, I think I even mentioned them here on ENS in the past, anyway, worth a listen, …

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Meredith Bragg

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Came across a quite a gem recently. Meredith Bragg and the Terminals. Meredith leans heavily towards Elliot Smith in sound and the album, Vol. 1 is quite good. Fresh off a CD release party on the 3rd at Washingtons Black Cat, and with the album just released …

13 July 2005  2 comments
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