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The Long Winters

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Ultimatum is the follow up to a very good album in When I Pretended to Fall from the Long Winters. Its scheduled for a release in mid October. And here we have a track from the upcoming release from said Seattle based band. So, by all means, …

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If I could buy 4 albums tomorrow…

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Not a bad release day tomorrow, Id certainly buy these 4 with the proper funds, but whos to say I havent already. The DCFC will surely garner the most attention, though I cant say Im as stoked as I hoped I would be for it. Check out OK …

29 August 2005  1 comment

Toddzilla crushes Tokyo….

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Not really, but with the upcoming Grandaddy disc, “Excerpts from the Diary of Toddzilla” I was glad to find this tasty sample. Of course, Im a big Grandaddy fan, ive loved all of the last three full length releases and by the sound of this, the new one …

26 August 2005  1 comment

New David Gray

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Nice little preview available of whats next for David Gray, if you click here you can listen to a BBC Radio 1 performance he did recently for his upcoming album. Within the performance is a cover of the Killers song, “Smile Like you Mean it”. His new disc …

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Nicklecreek- Why Should the Fire Die?

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The one word that has been thrown around when the discussion of Nicklecreek has come up that I am completely tired of is “new grass”. Many have attempted to tag them with this pseudo genre tag to describe the bands mix of bluegrass sound with young energetic vocals and …

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Last FM and Audioscrobbler

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I know Ive mentioned this before, but being a music geek and a stat geek rarely combine to form one enormous geekfest the way it does on Audioscrobbler. Just plug in the plugin to your music player of choice…which should be ITunes, and go to town. I’ll give …

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If I could buy 4 albums today…

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Here it is, Tuesday, and I know you are all sitting and waiting for my post on what is new and released and what not. Ok, maybe you arent, even so, you shall have it. The albums I would and may purchase today, depending on the budget of …

23 August 2005  2 comments

Catching up

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The Mountain Goats are certainly not a new band, and many others have discovered and even adored thier work well before I got ahold of it. However, Ive come to really enjoy them this year, especially The Sunset Tree. What a brilliant album. And certainly worthy of …

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EachNoteSecure banner & logo contest………

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Announcing the Each Note Secure banner and logo contest. So, I need a logo and banner to go with the site here and rather than find a professional, I thought Id first ask you, the reader to submit your artistic skills for the site. All that I ask …

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Have a Vanderslice

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If you havent heard Pixel Revolt yet by Mr. John Vanderslice, well, what are you waiting for. Its one of the better albums of 05, though not in my top 5 just yet.
John, and I, want you to hear a couple tracks from the album… goes.
John Vanderslice- Exodus Damage

John …

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