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Cleaning out the inbox

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Im fortunate enough to receive lots of goodies in the my inbox and I dont always get the chance to give them all the posting attention they deserve. So, today Ill try and mention a handful quickly.
– Heros Severum are one of the newest bands from Athens to make …

31 January 2006  Comments Off on Cleaning out the inbox

Mews Too: An Asthmatic Kitty Compilation

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The label that lauched mr indie rock 2005 Sufjan Stevens is releasing a compliation this year. And what I have for you on this fine Saturday is a tracklisting and a couple bonus mp3s for the diligent weekend blog surfer you must be.
“Mews Too” continues the musical conversation begun …

28 January 2006  4 comments


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I get quite a bit in the ole inbox these days from bands and promoters of bands trying to push their sound. Some is great, some good and some not so good. I dont mind though, so if youre reading out there, keep it coming. Todays band …

27 January 2006  2 comments

Wes McDonald

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Got a press release of sorts to pass along, from singer songwriter Wes McDonald,
Former Athenian (GA) and current Birmingham (AL) resident Wes McDonald is set to release his fourth LP, 1:50 In The Furnace, on Skybucket Records on April 4, 2006. The album, produced in part by Ken Coomer, …

26 January 2006  Comments Off on Wes McDonald

Ipod Jacket Giveaway

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Ive been incredibly busy with life lately, so excuse a little infrequency in posts, I did want to mention quickly today a great giveaway over at PaulTech, a nice little techie blog. Hes giving away a very nice Ipod jacket, all you need to do is sign up for …

25 January 2006  Comments Off on Ipod Jacket Giveaway

Colin Meloy sings Shirley Collins

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The Decemberists own Colin Meloy, already famous for his EP of Morrissey covers which were available only at his solo gigs, has done it again. This time covering overs of British folk artist Shirley Collins Some were lucky enough to get their hands on the EP, which I understand …

23 January 2006  2 comments

The Impossible Shapes

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Got this press release from Secretly Canadian’s The Impossible Shapes. Have a look and listen.
Bloomington Indiana’s IMPOSSIBLE SHAPES are on the move again. Secretly Canadian will release their album “TUM” on March 7. Created in only two weeks in drummer Mark Rice’s garage, many consider “TUM” to be …

20 January 2006  2 comments

Check the Lyrics page

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New addition to the blog today. I added a page with my favorite song lyrics, which I plan to add to a few times a week. If you have a suggestion feel free to send it along to
Check out the lyrics page………
Also, if you havent already, have …

19 January 2006  Comments Off on Check the Lyrics page

New Jose Gonzalez

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If youve been on the internet and through many music blogs in the past five minutes you should know a bit about Jose Gonzalez. The singer songwriter has made a name for himself with his hushed tones and sensitive guitar picking. He drops a new EP on us …

19 January 2006  Comments Off on New Jose Gonzalez

The Exit

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Its been awhile since Ive posted on The Exit. I saw them open for Muse a couple years ago in a cracker box. The venue was tiny, but The Exit were a great surprise that evening. Since then they have released “Home For An Island” and their …

18 January 2006  3 comments
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