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Dead Heart Bloom

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Being the big WOXY fan that I am here in Cincy (by the way, support the station and purchase a subscription, details here) I heard a track from the band Dead Heart Bloom and quickly dismissed it as a nice song that I didnt have the time or energy to …

28 February 2006  3 comments

Division Day

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Division Day comes to us from California and will be shacking up at the Echo in LA for a regular weekly gig for the month of March. I got an email from the band and am glad I checked into them, a nice clean sound that makes it easy …

27 February 2006  Comments Off on Division Day

Colin MacIntyre

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Colin MacIntyre will be the first digital Wiredset Records artist officially. Colin is better known at this point for his releases under the name Mull Historical Society.
Have a listen to a couple nice tracks from the upcoming album “This is Hope”, I really am digging this initially…

Colin MacIntyre- Peculiar
Colin …

25 February 2006  Comments Off on Colin MacIntyre


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Ive recently gotten ahold of some material from Yellowish, I cant say I know alot about the band, but I will pass on some info and a really catchy song today. Enjoy….
Yellowish has a unique sound, catchy choruses and compositions that wants more than just please the mainstream. Taking …

24 February 2006  1 comment

The Brave and the Bold

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One of the biggest successful marriages of last year was the collaboration between Iron and Wine and Calexico. This year early on we find another collab with big potential in Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy. What might seem again like an unlikely meld, these two have taken on …

23 February 2006  Comments Off on The Brave and the Bold

Maximo Park

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Real quick, here is another Maximo Park song to pass on, a remix of Stay.
Maximo Park- Stay (Field Music Remix)

22 February 2006  Comments Off on Maximo Park

Eric Falstrom

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Eric Falstrom is another local boy here in Cincinnati. The difference with Eric is that he has a true passion for his craft. Not that other singer songwriters do not but Eric tends to feel his music and lets it ooze from every pore. Ive just been …

21 February 2006  Comments Off on Eric Falstrom

Sigur Ros- Taft Theatre

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It wouldn’t be fair to compare my first Sigur Ros concert experience with the one I had last week. You see, in 2004 I witnessed one of my favorite live concert experiences in Louisville at the Brown Theatre when Sigur Ros was on their first American tour. Being …

20 February 2006  2 comments


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Another Canadian indie rock band is emerging from the Montreal area. Leaning heavily on Radiohead and Pink Floyd influences, Plajia also add thier own flavor to make what is their catchy sound. Have a listen.

Plajia- The Party
Plajia- Sleeping

16 February 2006  Comments Off on Plajia

New Norfolk and Western

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One of Portlands finest, Norfolk and Western have a new group of songs for our enjoyment. I was fortunate enough to catch them live last year opening for MWard. Great show they put on, the new album, The Gilded Age will be released as an EP on Hush …

14 February 2006  1 comment
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