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New Sense

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I get lots of email from bands and folks promoting bands and some is great, some is not. But I always seem to get the best tips from my readers. Got a nice one recently about a band called New Sense. New Sense is currently sharing the …

30 March 2006  Comments Off on New Sense

Mini Mix #13

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Todays Mini Mix is all from Absolutley Kosher records, enjoy……

The Wrens- Everyone Choose Sides
Get him eat him- Mumble Mumble
Pinback- B
The Jim Yoshii Pile Up- Silver Sparkler
The Extra Glenns- Going to Marrakesh
Rob Crow(of Pinback)- Some Things

28 March 2006  Comments Off on Mini Mix #13

Voices and Organs

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Whenever I hear a band compared to Sigur Ros my ears perk up a bit. Quite often the comparison couldnt be further from the truth but occasionally what got me listening gets me closer to that band. This is certainly the case with Voices and Organs. While …

28 March 2006  Comments Off on Voices and Organs


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News from the Jagjaguar camp worth passing along…..

We’re proud to announce the addition of Ladyhawk to the Jagjaguwar family. Already Vancouver’s favorite band, Ladyhawk’s debut record will be released to the world on June 6th, 2006.
Ladyhawk’s self-titled debut on Jagjaguwar is a stomping and sweaty ride through the Vancouver streets …

25 March 2006  Comments Off on Ladyhawk

The Sounds

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One of the releases this week worth a mention is “Dying to say this to you” from The Sounds. The swedish bred new wave throwbacks release thier second full length and have recieved a good deal of press and celebrity following. Here are a couple tracks from the …

24 March 2006  1 comment


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~Ill take the opportunity to champion a good local band anytime I can. So, naturally after I heard Ellery I was impressed, and then found out they live in my hometown and was even more impressed. This husband and wife duo remind me alot of early Over the …

23 March 2006  Comments Off on Ellery

What Made Milwaukee Famous

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What Made Milwaukee Famous is playing tonight here in town at Alchemize. Also on the bill is Dr. Dog. WMWF is a hot item on the
indie scene these days and im hearing thier show at SXSW last weekend was brilliant. So, if you like some indie pop …

22 March 2006  Comments Off on What Made Milwaukee Famous

Jose Gonzalez signs to new label

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News from the camp of Jose Gonzalez.

Mute Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish troubadour Jose Gonzalez. To celebrate the signing, Mute will re-release his internationally highly acclaimed debut CD Veneer on April 4. Veneer was originally released in America on Hidden Agenda records in September …

21 March 2006  Comments Off on Jose Gonzalez signs to new label

Wilco takes on St Patrick

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-I have certain expectations when entering a concert, ive mentioned that before. But when it comes to a Wilco show, I tend to throw that out the window. Though Ive only seen the band 4 times now I can say ive seen a different band each time. …

20 March 2006  1 comment

The best alternative to SXSW

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Well, many bloggers are currently gathering, listening, and drinking together down in Texas and having a great time. I could not make the great festival this year, though I would have loved to have been there. I do have some live tunes to attend to tonight though, and …

17 March 2006  3 comments
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