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Springtime Can Kill You

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Ive confessed in the past that its tough for me to get into many female vocalists. I dont know why, Im a little short sighted I guess. There are a few that I cannot do without though and the shortlist includes Jolie Holland. I discovered her right …

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Music Now Fest kicks off….

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Bryce Dessner of The National organized the event known as Music Now here in Cincinnati. It kicked off Wednesday night and last night those in attendance were treated to a set from Bryce’s other band, Clogs. Clogs played with folk/electronic outfit, The Books. Ill be inattendance Saturday …

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Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity

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Gary Reynolds and The Brides of Obscurity gave me a bit of a surprise recently. You see, the album, “Instant Happiness” arrived in my mailbox some time ago and after the first listen I thought it was pretty good. But the surprise was my return to the disc …

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Glen Phillips- Mr. Lemons

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I was a follower of Toad the Wet Sprocket in the 1990s and was upset when they decided to go thier separate ways a few years ago. Leadman Glen Phillips has continued to make excellent pop music though. His newest effort, Mr. Lemons will be hitting record store …

27 April 2006  1 comment

At Dusk

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~~At Dusk is a Portland trio of guys that not only plays together but also grew up together and the synergy between the band members is obvious in the bands sound. Im having a hard time finding a Portland band that I dont like, I think its the city …

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A few blog updates

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Hello loyal reader, just wanted to let you know a couple things that I have done this week to hopefully make it easier on you to get your music fix. First is the bookmark on option at the bottom of each post, if you are into social bookmarking, …

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One of my favorite releases this year is the sophomore effort from Matisyahu. Im always intrigued by originality and the artist also known as Matthew Miller has an original flavor all his own. I mean, find me another hasidic jew doing reggae over hip hop beats while boasting …

25 April 2006  1 comment

Colin Meloy and The Sound the Hare Heard

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Much buzz surrounding this upcoming compliation featuring the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Laura Viers, Imaad Wasif and Colin Meloy of The Decemberists. Some of the inspiration behind this compilation from Kill Rock Stars.
Ever hear the Buddhist parable about the pensive hare, wise lion, and a fallen acorn declaring the …

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One of the first things that strikes me about Breakup/Breakdown is how many different genres they claim to be dipping into. On thier Myspace page they describe themselves as Surf, R&B, Gothic, 60’s Garage and 80’s New wave. Thats a lot to live up to. So I …

24 April 2006  Comments Off on Breakup/Breakdown

Peter Walker

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~~If you are looking for some good consistent quality from another music blog, look no further than 3 Hive. The handful of contributors keep the content fresh and simple and open my eyes to new material often. Today is one of those examples as Ive run across Peter …

21 April 2006  Comments Off on Peter Walker
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