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WOXY will cease operations Sept 15

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This is the worst news since the FM station went under. I cant believe it really, here is the official word from the station.
Listeners, fans and friends,
This sucks.
This is the moment all of us hoped would never come. After plugging away at this for the past two years, it’s …

31 August 2006  2 comments

M Ward – Live on Letterman

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M Ward’s latest, Post-War finally dropped this week, he played Letterman last Thursday and Dave even held up the vinyl copy, (maybe Matt insisted?) here he his with his band playing “Chinese Translation”. Dont forget, M Ward will be in Columbus on September 9th @ Little Brothers, should be …

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Kunek – Flight of the Flynns

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Coming from the very heart of America in Stillwater, Oklahoma is Kunek, a indie outfit that has a laid back sound that soothes and synths its way into your heart. I think what grabbed me about this CD first was how incredibly accessible it was, easy to hear and …

30 August 2006  Comments Off on Kunek – Flight of the Flynns

Simon Dawes – Carnivore

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Unlike many bands that are actually only one person, Simon Dawes is a singular name that is actually a full band made up of four members. The boys are part rocky, part folky and self described as part fuzzy lo-fi lovability. After doing a bit of research it …

28 August 2006  1 comment

Jeff Tweedy- Sunken Treasure +Wilco Dates

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The man, the myth the legend Jeff Tweedy has an announcement that will be great news for the Wilco faithful. Not only is the band doing a fall tour but Jeff is releasing a DVD of some of his solo performances from the past tour. I got a …

26 August 2006  2 comments

The Foundry Field Recordings

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It hasnt been long since we said goodbye to Grandaddy and the great tunes those guys layed on us over the years, and Ive been searching for a proper replacement when I need a good technolgy love story gone bad. Well, what ive found certainly is not the second …

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Rumble Records unveils new site

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The best independant record store in the area launced a proper website this week and its looking good. Rumble Records new site is both sharp and informative, and has a virtual store launching soon as well. Until that time, get down to Covington and buy some records! …

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The Kamikaze Hearts – Oneida Road

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I always hear bands or singers that have a twangy or countryish sound to them described as dusty, and I guess that makes sense, in the vocab of a music blogger, but does anyone else understand what that might mean? Anyway, I guess I mentioned that because the new …

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Brothel Fest Cincinnati Lineup

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Well, the season of festivals is way past its limit, but I have to admit, anything in Cincinnati with good bands playing, and for multiple days, is something Im down with. The East End Cafe is hosting the first ever Brothel Fest at the end of September, right after …

24 August 2006  Comments Off on Brothel Fest Cincinnati Lineup

The Soft Drugs

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If you are a big fan of everything Pedro the Lion like I am you probably are well aware of the new EP from David Bazan “Fewer Moving Parts”. So that is obviously what David has been up to since Pedro the Lion parted ways, but what about the …

24 August 2006  2 comments
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