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Catfish Haven – Live @ East End Cafe

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I headed over to the East End Cafe last night for a bit of the first ever Brothel Fest, but mostly just to catch the Chicago boys from Catfish Haven. Attendance was sparse at first but picked up as the set went on. The guys played a great …

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WOXY to go International? Back on October 10

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Well, it appears that not only is WOXY coming back, as mentioned early this week, but its coming back in a massive way. Its hard to get inside the head of “white knight” Bill Nguyen but he posted this note on the WOXY boards this morning.
Here are a few …

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Nick Jaina – The 7 Stations

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Nick Jaina’s new CD came to me through a friend of a friend posting. What I mean by that is that I posted about a band I liked, who knows Nick, or Nick knows them, not sure which. They in turn told Nick I may dig his sound …

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Brothel Fest Preview

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This weekend the East End Cafe will be hosting some great live music for an event they are calling the “Brothel Fest”. This is due to the fact that the East End Cafe was actually a brothel up until as late as the 1980s. Its hard to believe …

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The American Princes + J Roddy Walston and the Business

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Here at Each Note Secure, we are not concert promoters, but when a couple great bands came knocking, and wanted to play in Cincinnati, we did our best to nudge the process along a bit. The result should be a kick ass show next month at the new Alchemize.
Ive …

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The Features – Contrast

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A few years ago there was a tune by The Features that was just brilliant, the song, “Blow It Out”, is still one of my favorite jump up and dance tunes. Ive been closely tracking the bands progress ever since and the story has gotten more than interesting in …

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Its official, WOXY to return

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As we mentioned yesterday, our beloved has been rescued yet again. Two years ago some “angels” came along silently and saved WOXY to make it an internet radio station for the past two years, this go round has been different though. Bill Nguyen of has taken …

26 September 2006  5 comments

Eric Bachmann – To The Races

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I hear the term, “stripped down” quite a bit to describe a musical sound. Usually it is meant to describe a sound that is seemingly less produced and it mostly means the artist and his guitar. While this term is often misrepresented in the works it describes, if …

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WOXY – Back from the Dead? Again?

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If you stop by our humble little site at all you know we are massive fans of WOXY and had a proper sendoff on Septemeber 15th as the station went under. Well, things have been buzzing ever since then, and the buzz just got much louder. Last Wednesday …

25 September 2006  6 comments

The Sheds Quit Smoking

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There have been quite a few concept albums done in this day and age. Some have been done by the artists to tell a story, take The Mountain Goats 2005 gem, The Sunset Tree, which was all about growing up with an abusive stepfather. Others make you think …

22 September 2006  1 comment
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