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Jill Cunniff – City Beach

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It feels like a really long time ago when Luscious Jackson was a mega star in the indie world. The band had a string of great albums in the 1990s and then suddenly just went away. In 2000 the members of LJ decided to devote their time to starting …

29 December 2006  3 comments

My Favorite Cincinnati Music – 2006

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So, I know I said I was done with year end business, but I got to thinking about the local bands in town that gave it a go this year and I could’nt resist one more list. So, here are, in no order this time, my favorite Cincinnati bands/musicians …

28 December 2006  4 comments

LaLa Radio Waves

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So, as Ive mentioned here in the past month or so, Im having a blast spinning music on in the evenings now. Im on from 5-10pm eastern, except for this holiday week, where im only on from 3-6. Anyway, since WOXY is now a part of the …

27 December 2006  Comments Off on LaLa Radio Waves

Get Behind Me Santa!

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I did a Christmas themed post last week, and since we are only days away now, Ill do yet another to celebrate all the holiday tunes that have made their way into my inbox this season. So, here is the first bit of news, I got an email from …

22 December 2006  1 comment

Willie Nelson – Songbird

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Every now and then, we here at Each Note Secure like to dig into our Kentucky roots and grab a musician that brings a bit of the twang to your attention. Not that Willie Nelson needs your attention, after all, the braided, weed loving guitarist has made plenty of …

21 December 2006  1 comment

Bat For Lashes – Trophy

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Natasha Khan is the voice of the band Bat for Lashes. With a well traveled upbringing that saw her spend time growing up in parts of Pakistan, Khan has always been an artist at heart. When her film and music studies in art school began turning heads she …

20 December 2006  7 comments

Best of 2006 – The final word…

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At least from me. A couple notes about best of 2006 lists today. First of all, Dave over at Largehearted Boy has compiled the most extensive best of 2006 music lists around on his site. Head on over for the lists.
Best of Lists A – M….
Best of …

20 December 2006  Comments Off on Best of 2006 – The final word…

Earl Greyhound – Soft Targets

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Lots of music comes across my desk here and as a result Im sure plenty of it gets lost in the shuffle and doesnt get its due. Earl Greyhound deserves some attention, even if its a bit different than alot of the artists you hear about here. EG …

19 December 2006  4 comments

Age Rings – Look, The Dust is Growing

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Ive got another unsigned band to pimp today, who came to my attention thanks to all the extra time I get to devote to music now that Im at WOXY. Age Rings are an outfit out of the Boston area that have a really great sound which combines lots …

18 December 2006  3 comments

2006 – My Top 15 Favorite Albums

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Its been a great year for music, I know I probably say that every year, but when so much crosses your path, you are bound to really enjoy a handful. I refranied from calling this list, “the best of” since its really only my opinion, and that should equal …

13 December 2006  11 comments
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