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Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha

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Photo credit: Cameron Wittig

Everyones favorite whistling genius is back. The one man band that is Andrew Bird is back to follow up on his best album to date that was “The Mysterious Production of Eggs” back in 2005. This time he is joining forces with the folks over …

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Wilco Podcast #2… Finally, and Tweedy Webcast

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As a big Wilco fan, I got kinda excited when the band decided to start a podcast in awhile back. But with about 3 months since episode 1 aired I was beginning to think it may not return. Well, it does in fact come back, with a very …

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The Basement – EP

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Im just getting to know The Basement and am absorbing the EP I received of their work this week. A quick background check reveals that this album has been a long time in the making, with constant delays and setbacks, but is finally ready for our ears in its …

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Asobi Seksu – Live @ Mad Hatter

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New Yorks Asobi Seksu played in the Cincinnati area last night in Covington, KY at the Mad Hatter. The band and decent group (for a Sunday night in Cincinnati) braved icy temperatures to get to the gig. This was my first time seeing the band live as I …

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Under Byen – Samme Stof Som Stof + Tour Dates

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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine Cat Power singing, with her most hushed, bedroom pop, tones at work. Imagine a steady drum beat, some strings, and an added dose of violin and piano. Now, imagine she is singing in Danish. Yes, it could jolt your …

29 January 2007  1 comment

Arizona – Welcome Back Dear Children

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Oh, to be a band that uses a state as their name, and one that none of the members reside in or are from. The members of Arizona are not from the US Southwest, but rather Brooklyn, NY, and why not? And while they appear to be the …

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The Shins – Wincing The Night Away

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There aren’t many albums that people are almost tired of hearing and hearing about only days after their proper release. But in a age of “leaked” albums and excessive downloading with no remorse or intent to actually purchase the product, it happens. And it has happened to a …

25 January 2007  2 comments

The Swimmers – Fighting Trees

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Philadelphia’s The Swimmers have become a bit of an “under the radar” sensation in their hometown in recent months. And its no surprise, with the success of other indie pop bands like The Shins and The New Pornographers enjoying a large following in the past 5 years or so, …

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Ratatat Tour, Will Play Cincinnati

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The electronic outfit better known as Ratatat announced a big tour this week. Among the dates are a stop at the Coachella Festival(how about that lineup!) and also a date here in the Tri-State area at the Southgate House. 120 Days are opening for a bunch of the …

24 January 2007  1 comment

Wilco – Sky Blue Sky

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If you have internet access and are a music fan you have probably already heard that the new Wilco album will be titled “Sky Blue Sky”. The announcement from Jeff last week was confirmed and a couple news sites made it more official. Its the first album for …

22 January 2007  10 comments
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