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New Annuals Song – Do You Like It

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Annuals were not only in town last week here in Cincinnati, but they also came into the WOXY Lounge for a session. If you havent already downed the session, but sure to, and if youd like a treat from some upcoming Annuals material, check out the song below, “Do …

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Sister Vanilla – Ex Jesus and Mary Chain members branch out

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As if the news that the Jesus and Mary Chain would be highlighting one of the days at the Coachella Festival this summer wasnt enough, now die-hard fans of the band have a spin off to keep track of. Sister Vanilla is a band made up of ex-Jesus And …

28 February 2007  2 comments

My Brightest Diamond – Tear It Down

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You may recall that some time ago we posted about the beautiful debut album from My Brightest Diamond, aka Shara Worden here at Each Note Secure. Since that time the album has earned lots of worthy praise for its lush melodies and honest lyrics. So, with both …

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WOXY @ Noise Pop & SXSW

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Well, The Future of Rock N Roll will in fact have its presence felt at two festivals over the course of the next month. The first will be in San Fransisco as a part of the Noise Pop Fest. WOXY will be streaming some live performances from the …

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Kenna – Out Of Control (State of Emotion)

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Im sure you noticed the post we did yesterday about great music in commericials. One of the commercials higlighted was the one from Sony for their PSP in which a girl makes a scavenger hunt type puzzle for your boyfriend to track her down with, via the PSP. …

24 February 2007  1 comment

David Vandervelde Live @ Alchemize & WOXY Lounge

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Its an interesting thing watching potential right before your eyes. In some ways its like gazing into a crystal ball with a glimpse of what is to come and in other ways its a in your face commentary on lack of experience. David Vandervelde has tons of potential, …

24 February 2007  1 comment

11 Commercials featuring Great Music

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More and More Im hearing music I enjoy on the television, and its not from any music TV outlets. Its usually right there during the advertisements actually. Here is a listing of some of our favorites, new or otherwise, with an appropriate mp3 for the songs that we …

23 February 2007  11 comments

Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter – New Album + Tour Dates

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Barsuk records released the new album from Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter earlier this month, and its hard not to first be a little worn out by the lengthy album title (Like, Love, Lust & The Open Halls of the Soul) that follows an already long band name. …

22 February 2007  1 comment

Illinois – Screendoor

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Ive got a new track from a new band to share today that I have on repeat right now. The band is “Illinois” and are one of the newest signings to Ace Fu Records. The track starts catchy enough with the line…..”helllllo, all you lovely ladies” and serves …

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Annuals @ Southgate House

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North Carolina’s Annuals were in town last night for their Cincinnati area debut at The Southgate House in Newport, KY. I walked in just in time to hear them begin their set with Complete or Completeing, one of the gems from their debut album, Be He Me . …

21 February 2007  1 comment
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