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Club 8 – The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming

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As I round out my new music listening for the year, it’s always nice to run across a fun indie pop record like the latest from Club 8. The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming has been out since early October on the Labrador label, which tends to furnish some …

20 December 2007  2 comments

The Buddyrevelles – Don’t Quit

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So, who remembers Pitchfork back in 1998? Nobody? Yeah, me either, but apparently, it was around, and it was even reviewing albums. Although I can only find the ole waybackmachine giving this screenshot from 2000, the music blog website everyone loves to hate apparently was around. …

18 December 2007  Comments Off

Megan Palmer – Take You Away

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There are some really great songs coming south from our friends in Columbus. And some of the more recent gems are coming straight from singer songwriter Megan Palmer. Palmer has just released a brand new full length album, her second, and I can tell you that if you …

17 December 2007  1 comment

My Favorite Albums of 2007

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It has been quite a year for music in my opinion. Some of my favorite artists released albums, some of them great, others the jury is still out on. I think I heard more music this year than in years past, mostly due to my day job, which …

13 December 2007  13 comments

Bad Veins “Worth A Bidding War”

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You sick of me bringing you Bad Veins news yet? Sorry, too bad, got a bit more to share today. The guys spent last weekend in Chicago, more news on that trip on their blog. In addition, they recently hit up Memphis, Tennessee and were able to …

12 December 2007  3 comments

Cincinnati Takes The Lounge By Storm

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What a great run in the lounge for Cincinnati bands over the last week or so over at I was really excited to invite 4 great local bands in for a performance the results of each was really impressive.

With only one of the four having played …

11 December 2007  Comments Off

Band Of Horses Play Cincinnati, Forecastle Halfway Point Fest

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So, you probably have already noticed this booking, but Band Of Horses are coming back to our fair city early in the new year. The trio that is now based in South Carolina will be headlining at the Southgate House on Sunday January 27th along with two other singer …

10 December 2007  5 comments

Sigur Ros – Heima DVD

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Sigur Ros have recently released a brand new 2 disc DVD and it is nothing short of amazing. I got a chance to take in the 97 minute documentary this weekend and found it to be better than I expected. First off, to say this is a documentary …

10 December 2007  Comments Off

Christmas Music Loads Up Our Inbox

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It is that time of the year, the time of the year when our inbox not only gets loaded with new music from artists and bands, but it gets loaded with Christmas music from artists and bands. Here is a handful of those holiday tunes to share today, I …

7 December 2007  Comments Off

Katie Reider Benefit Show This Weekend

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I would encourage everyone who can to get out and attend a great show for a great cause this weekend here in the Cincinnati area. An amazing singer songwriter, Katie Reider, is currently suffering from a tumor in her skull, which is not a brain tumor, but technically is …

6 December 2007  1 comment
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