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Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
Ryan Adams will release yet another album next month. His third this year. And first with beard. And while I like his backing band better than anyone hes played with since Whiskeytown, its a bit overkill isnt it? Ok, maybe more than a bit. Even so, its one of the last releases this year I have significant interest in, I guess Im a sucker for overkill eh…….

Another great Cincinnati blog has a Adams fetish going on, go here for a couple tracks from the new album, “29”

Preorder the album here…..


And a couple bonus songs for ya…..

  • Ryan Adams- 29
  • Ryan Adams- Tell it to my heart
  • Posted by Joe Long   @   21 November 2005 2 comments


    Nov 22, 2005
    10:22 am
    #1 Kristina :

    I love Cold Roses, but I’m having a hard time getting into JCN. Perhaps I’ll wait a while before getting 29, but I must admit that the cover art is wicked cool.

    Sep 22, 2006
    3:54 pm
    #2 greg :

    Ryan is a fantastic writer. He’s played with loads of great players since whiskey town! The band’s he toured Gold and Rock n roll were great.

    Cold Roses took a little while to get into but quality all the way. It probably is one excellent album but double records are always like that!

    JCN is nice but a little dark sometimes. It’s pedal steel parts are fantastic! 29 is good but a little mixed. Gold is one of my fav recors ever!!!

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