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Benoit Pioulard – Precis

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I can almost always appreciate a young budding musician that is just getting his or her feet wet. So, when I first got wind of 22 year old Thomas Meluch, who records under the guise Benoit Pioulard, and the fact that he is from Michigan, and is not French at all, but more importantly that he came highly recommended, my ears perked up.

What I found was a striking album that is incredibly revealing and transparent. Pioulard plays the type of music I would expect to pair alongside the likes of Jose Gonzalez and Sam Beam, which of course is right up my alley. He brings hushed and weathered tones to his debut full length, Precis, which vaults him into a category usually reserved for more veteran songwriters. But make no mistake, Pioulard is not a complete newcomer, he has actually compiled a nice stack of music in his short time of recording. This includes an EP, and a string of other recordings that have barely reached an audience still. You can purchase the disc from the Kranky label, its certainly a great winter discovery.

Benoit Pioulard – Palimend
Benoit Pouilard – Triggering Back (clip)

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Posted by Joe Long   @   28 November 2006 2 comments


Nov 29, 2006
8:26 pm
#1 Jeff :

This album blows my mind! Great stuff.

Mar 9, 2008
3:21 pm
#2 Dancer :

It is a great debut album.

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