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Bob Dylan Still A Difficult Interview

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Rolling Stone’s latest installment is the 40th anniversary issue, and it is the first time I have found myself actually reading the dylan-rollingstone.jpgmostly irrelevant magazine in quite some time. Many legends did interviews for the anniversary issue, including McCartney, Starr, Patti Smith and Jimmy Carter. But of course, my fave was the always difficult Robbie Zimmerman. Here is an excerpt from the piece, hosted by Jann Wenner.

Rolling Stone : Do you think it’s gloomy on the horizon?

Dylan : In what sense do you mean?

Rolling Stone : Bob, come on.

Dylan : No, you come on, in what sense do you mean that? If you’re talking about in a political sense…….

Rolling Stone : In a general political, spiritual, historical sense. You’re talking about the end of times on this record (Modern Times), you’ve got a very gloomy vision of the world, you’re saying “I’m facing the end of my life and looking at all this……

Dylan : Aren’t we always doing that?

Rolling Stone : No, some people are trying to avoid it. But I’m trying to interview you, and you’re not being very helpful with this.

Dylan : Jann, have I ever been helpful?

Rolling Stone : You have been in the past. You gave some really great interviews in the last several years.

Dylan : Yeah, but I wasn’t on tour when I was doing them. I could be full present. But now, I’m thinking about our amps going out…….

Rolling Stone : You don’t have people taking care of those for you?

Dylan : You would hope.

Rolling Stone : You can’t find a good road manager, is that the problem here?

Dylan : Yeah [laughs]

Rolling Stone : What can I do to get you to take this seriously?

Dylan : I’m taking it seriously

Rolling Stone : You’re Not

Dylan : Of course I am. You’re the one who’s here to be celebrated. Forty years….forty years with a magazine that obviously now has intellectual recognition. Did you ever think that would happen when you started?

They banter on like kids for a bit longer, but then Bobby pulls it together, to get the full interview, pick up a copy of the 40th anniversary……

Posted by Joe Long   @   30 April 2007 7 comments


May 1, 2007
3:38 pm
#1 Elliot Teaze :

You’d think someone who’s been around as long as Dylan deserves a bit more respect than “…Bobby pulls it together…”

there’s no respect left in the world

May 1, 2007
4:15 pm
#2 tom :

thats awesome. i ahte when people jsut ask vague questions and expect detailed answers. so ridiculous. especially if you are the one doing the interview. go bob go!

Author May 1, 2007
5:36 pm
#3 Administrator :

elliot, i respect dylan greatly as a musician, but as an interview subject, he has been less than cordial for a long time…

May 3, 2007
10:27 pm
#4 Ramona :

There probably isn’t a lonelier man in the world than Dylan. Everybody trying to grab a piece of him. It ain’t easy being Dylan but thank God he’s here on the planet the same time as I am. He makes it not as lonely for me but who does he have? “I make shoes for everyone and I still go barefoot.”

May 5, 2007
11:07 am
#5 Evil Dildo :

“mostly irrelevant magazine in quite some time”

Really now? There are millions of mp3/music blogs masquerading as high-grade methamphetamine (much like this site), but I’d rather get my fix elsewhere.

May 31, 2007
5:38 pm
#6 chad :

you left out the best parts!

“Do you think it’s gloomy on the horizon,” Editor Jann Wenner asks Bob Dylan.

“In what sense do you mean,” says Dylan.

“Bob, come on,” says Wenner.

“No, you come on. In what sense do you mean that?” Dylan says.

Wenner tries again: “We seem to be hell-bent on destruction. Do you worry about global warming?”

“Where’s the global warming?” Dylan asks. “It’s freezing here.”


Sep 1, 2009
7:41 pm
#7 jayjay :

I love it when Bob gives them a hard time!It cracks me up.:)Go Bob!

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