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[Bunbury Music Festival 2013] Artist Preview: Night Terrors of 1927

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Night Terrors of 1927
Sunday, July 14th, Rockstar Stage @ 6:00 pm

“[. . .] plenty of sing-along-ability, which will no doubt be a nice lead in to this weekend [. . .] I’m sensing a theme here and it seems like these guys are pretty apocalyptic, all the more reason to have a few extra drinks this weekend. – The Peel

Night Terrors of 1927 are quite mysterious, maybe because they’re trying to make a name for themselves separate and apart from the notoriety they’ve found previously. I’ll do the detective work for you: the band is a duo comprised of Blake Sennett, who used to play guitar with Rilo Kiley, and Jordan Gorbel, who was the singer and guitarist for the Honorary Title.

This reluctance to reveal their pedigree makes some sense when you hear what a departure Night Terrors of 1927 represents soncially. Their music, what they’ve posted on their SoundCloud so far, is filled with buzzing synthesizers, warbled vocals, and epic sing-alongs. The choruses are bright, sugary, and catchy, but there’s a dark slant somewhere beneath the surface. I’d easily compare them to Passion Pit, but with more of an inexplicable lyrical obsession with the end of the world.

They’ll be a great band to check out on a sunny Bunbury day with friends, then deeply explore with headphones later.

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