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[Bunbury Music Festival 2013] Artist Preview: Sky Ferreira

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Sky Ferreira
Saturday, July 12th, Sawyer Point Stage @ 6:30 pm

“Signed at 15 as ‘Britney meets Lolita’, Sky Ferreira’s experience as a pop product was chastening. Now, at 20, she’s doing her own thing.”The Guardian

Sky Ferreira is getting to be famous for a lot of different things all at once. She’s famous for having a falling out with her overbearing former record label who signed her as a teen and pushed her too hard. She’s famous for modeling for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein. More and more, encouragingly, she’s becoming famous for the music she’s making now: chilly electronic pop anthems and sincere modern torch songs that are proving fantastic fodder for song-of-the-summer club remixes.

Rather than waiting for a music production company to deliver new tunes to her, she’s written these songs on her own and worked with a stable of eager producers to flesh them out. The music blog buzz machine has latched on to them. Later this year she’ll grace us with a full-length record and acting roles in various feature films. Catch her at Bunbury and see that magical moment right before a natural-born star is catapulted into the stratosphere.

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Jun 12, 2013
2:47 pm
#1 euro60 :

One of THE must-see acts at the Bunbury for me this year! Can’t wait to see her. FRIDAY 6:30-7:30 pm, just before Walk the Moon, perfect!

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