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[Bunbury Music Festival 2013] Beat Club

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 [Bunbury Music Festival 2013] Beat Club

Beat Club
Saturday, July 12th, River Stage @ 2:00 pm

”With influences that range from 80s hip-hop to punk rock to world-dance with psychedelic backdrops, Beat Club has become its own self-assured musical conglomerate.” - The Satellite

Beat Club have been playing for a couple years now but have only started establishing a media presence outside their native Los Angeles in the last few months as they prepped their debut record. They’re an “LA band” in the best sense of the term. Their influences are wildly far-flung. They only became a serious “band” band when their casual jam sessions got inspiring. They cut their teeth in LA’s numerous dank music clubs. And their only method of communication to the mass media seems to be a website which basically only links to a stream-of-consciousness Tumblr page and a Dadaist Twitter feed, among a few MP3s.

This half-silly, half-caustic approach suits them since their music is at once fun-loving and impenetrable. The three-piece (guitar, bass, and vintage analog synths) makes music that is alternately raucous rock, groovy funk, cool R&B, and 70’s cop show theme song. There are no lyrics. There are no vocals at all, in fact. There are, however, lots of effect pedals and animated gifs. There are gritty drum machine beats, warbling synths, and flashing light trails that remind you of a decades-old VHS bootleg of a sweaty rock concert. What Beat Club lack in transparency they make up with intrigue and pleasing haze.

 [Bunbury Music Festival 2013] Beat Club


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When not on the internet, John enjoys drinking banana daiquiris.

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