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Bunbury Music Festival: ENS Picks

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FEATURES bunbury tickets Bunbury Music Festival: ENS Picks

Each Note Secure will be back at Bunbury this year, so fellow ENS contributor John Crowell and I put together our picks for the festival. Enjoy.

But first, here’s what you need to know about Bunbury:

  • Full schedule here
  • Buy tickets here (One-day passes $65 / Three-day passes: $130 / VIP passes sold out)
  • Festival gates open at 1pm each day
  • Drink all the drinks at the Craft Beer Village, featuring Great Lakes, Moerlein, Brooklyn, Victory, Anchor, Mt. Carmel, and more.
  • Put your stuff in a personal locker. You can reserve one early online. The future is now.
  • Take advantage of the Techbury tent to recharge your phone and use the free WiFi to update Instagram with all those blurry photos that you took while standing directly in front of me and blocking my view of the show.
  • Catch the Bunbury Bus from one of 15 local bars in Oakley, Mt. Adams, OTR, Mt. Lookout and more. Runs every hour at every bar, all weekend.
  • There are after parties.

Walk The Moon Bunbury Music Festival: ENS Picks

Friday, July 12th

2:00: Public  – Bud Light Stage (Caitlin)

4:15: Old Baby – Lawn Stage (Caitlin)

[John: I have to go into work that day, so . . .]

5:45pm: We Are Snapdragon – Lawn Stage (John, Caitlin)

6:30pm: Buffalo Killers – Amphitheater Stage (John)

. . . then a quick jog over to . . .

7:00pm: Sky Ferriera – Bud Light Stage (John)

7:45pm: Walk the Moon – Main Stage (John, Caitlin)

 . . . but if it’s too crowded . . .

[Writer’s Note: John, let’s be real. You know it will be too crowded.]

8:00pm: Those Darlins – Amphitheater Stage (John)

8:30pm: Tokyo Police Club – Bud Light Stage (Caitlin)

9:00pm: Devotchka – Rockstar Stage (Caitlin)


“Chow Time” is John’s designated time to eat something, bringing up an important Official ENS Music Fest Pro Tip™: Stop to eat something sometimes. You’re an adult now, you know you need food to survive. Also, wear sunscreen, damn it. And where are your earplugs? Get off my lawn.

10:00pm: fun. – Main Stage (John, Caitlin)

Divine Fits21 Bunbury Music Festival: ENS Picks

Saturday, July 13th

2:45pm: Empires – Main Stage (John, Caitlin)

3:30pm: Vacationer – Bud Light Stage (John)

4:15pm: The Bears of Blue River – Lawn Stage (Caitlin)

5:00pm: Chairlift – Rockstar Stage (John)

5:45pm: Black Owls – Lawn Stage (John)


7:15pm: You, You’re Awesome – Lawn Stage (John)

7:45pm: Cake – Main Stage (John, Caitlin)

John,  I can’t wait to sing/scream “The Distance” with you and unleash the bro in us as soon as John McCrea sings this.

9:00pm: Divine Fits – Rockstar Stage (John, Caitlin)

10:00pm: MGMT – Main Stage

Yo La Tengo 1 Bunbury Music Festival: ENS Picks

Sunday, July 14th

[Let’s be honest, I probably won’t get down there until I’m finished eating brunch. See Official ENS Music Fest Pro Tip™ on eating.]

2:00pm: Mia Carruthers – Lawn Stage (John, Caitlin)

2:45pm: Gringo Star -Bud Light Stage (John)

3:30pm: Bethesda – Lawn Stage (John, Caitlin)

4:15pm: High Highs – Bud Light Stage (John)

5:00pm: The Harlequins – Lawn Stage (John)

5:00pm: Camera Obscura – Main Stage (Caitlin)

6:oopm: Night Terrors of 1927 – Rockstar Stage (John)

7:45pm: Black Joe Lewis – Bud Light Stage (Caitlin)

8:00pm: Yo La Tengo – Rockstar Stage (John, Caitlin)

7:00pm: Belle & Sebastian – Main Stage (John, Caitlin)

John: To be honest, I’ll probably skip the National to go home, rest, and recuperate before work on Monday. This is because I am old and washed-up.
Caitlin: I’ll probably skip The National because I think they’re boring. There, I said it.

Posted by Caitlin Behle   @   11 July 2013 2 comments


Jul 11, 2013
4:43 pm
#1 euro60 :

I am stoked about the Bunbury fest! Plus the weather forecast is essentially PERFECT: 3 straight days of sunshine and no rain, which is probably the first time this Spring AND Summer that has happened.

I have certain must-see acts (such as Sky Ferreira, Atlas Genius, Walk the Moon) on my list, but other than that I think I’ll be going around checking out bands and stages as it strikes my fancy right then and there. And yes, I expect that Walk the Moon’s set will be insanely crowded…

Happy Bunbury y’all!

Jul 16, 2013
2:07 pm
#2 euro60 :

Bunbury has come and gone, and to be honest I have some mixed feelings.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, the foot traffic jams next to the Main Stage to get to the Bud Light stage is utter insanity, if not also unsafe. It was an issue last year, but with the higher attendance this year, it’s become completely fan-unfriendly to walk between these two stages. Looks like tons of people are complaining about it on the Bunbury facebook page. Are the organizers listening? I’m not holding my breath.

SECOND, I am floored that the 3 day pass for 2014, already on sale, has gone up THIRTY NINE PERCENT. Last year it was $93 (plus charges) if you bought “early” (I bought my 2013 tickets in February). Now (7 months earlier) it’s already $130 (plus charges). WHY OH WHY? This is keeping me from buying early.

In all, I’m glad I went, but it wasn’t the home-run that was Year 1 (for me anyway). A lot more people, fewer bands, fewer interesting bands. And if the pricing stays were it is, I may simple wait for the line-up announcement and then decide it I want to buy a 3 day pass, or just specific day tickets.

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