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Drunk Music Reviews: Day 2 of Bunbury

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Drunk Music Reviews is Caitlin Behle and John Sebastian. Caitlin reviews a show while getting progressively drunker, and illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.
Notes: The captions that include @drunkmusicrevws were pulled from the Drunk Music Reviews Twitter …

20 July 2012  2 comments

Bunbury Festival: 2012 Wrap Up

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The inaugural Bunbury Music Festival stretched across three days, six stages, and about 100 performances along the riverfront this past weekend. In all honesty, I was one of the skeptics that initially raised an eyebrow when the festival was first announced. It didn’t help that Bunbury shared the same dates …

18 July 2012  3 comments

Bunbury Festival comes out swinging

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We had our doubts when we didn’t hear a peep from the folks at the upcoming Bunbury Festival since their kick off party last summer. It turns out, they were just busy booking huge headlining acts for their inaugural festival this summer in Cincinnati. Yes, you are reading …

16 February 2012  1 comment
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