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Local Label Interview: Best Friend Records

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Photo Credit: Keith Klenowski
Christian Gough and Phillip Alexander oversee the day-to-day operations of Best Friend Records, a Cincinnati-based label.  Christian is also the lead singer and guitarist for The Yugos, while Phillip is the lead singer and guitarist for The Plastic Inevitables, both on Best Friend Records. Christian, 18, and Phillip, …

2 January 2013  Comments Off on Local Label Interview: Best Friend Records

Interview: The Dukes are Dead Discuss Their Musical Theater Debut

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Those who follow local rock band The Dukes are Dead may have noticed their absence in the music scene during the last few months. What fans may not have guessed is that the band took a break from playing around town to perform in a musical. The band is an …

8 May 2012  Comments Off on Interview: The Dukes are Dead Discuss Their Musical Theater Debut

Interview: Giants Stood Motionless

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Here at Each Note Secure, we care a lot about the live music in Cincinnati. The last few months have been some difficult ones for live shows around town, with the closing of the Southgate House and the natural lull in touring that often occurs while the Midwest undergoes winter. …

27 March 2012  Comments Off on Interview: Giants Stood Motionless

Taking a Chance on Artistry and Brotherhood

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Happy New Year! To kick off 2012, I’m happy to introduce a new contributor to ENS, Jonathan Goolsby. Jonathan co-hosts Salina Underground on Cincinnati’s own WVQC already, and I think after you read this piece you’ll be impressed with his writing skills as well. Enjoy!

Taking a Chance …

3 January 2012  Comments Off on Taking a Chance on Artistry and Brotherhood

MPMF11: Interview with Deerhoof

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After a decade and a half of music and eleven albums, Deerhoof is a band that doesn’t really need an introduction. They’ve been responsible for some of the catchiest weirdo indie rock since the start of the “indie” itself. And you know you’ve made an impact when your band’s music influences the creation of a school ballet in North Haven, Maine.

20 September 2011  Comments Off on MPMF11: Interview with Deerhoof

MPMF11: Interview with Delicate Steve

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This music blog market is funny. One day, you’re sitting in your room, noodling on guitar and recording yourself playing little melodies through a few choice effect pedals. The next, your music is being big-upped all over the internet and you’re suddenly in a nationally-touring band.

19 September 2011  Comments Off on MPMF11: Interview with Delicate Steve

Interview: Atmosphere

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Sean Daley (aka Slug) is one busy guy. A few days ago, he managed to squeeze in time for a quick conversation with Each Note Secure while tending to press duties at the KahBang Music Festival in Maine. Even with all his obligations of the day, Daley came …

15 August 2011  Comments Off on Interview: Atmosphere

Interview: Interpol’s Daniel Kessler

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The last few years have been ones of drastic change for Interpol. The college radio superstars’ move to Capitol records proved short-lived, yielding only one record in more keyboard-leaning (but perhaps not as consistently lauded as their early work) Our Love to Admire. Since that time, the band …

20 June 2011  3 comments

Interview: Vivian Girls

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The Vivian Girls’ have had a busy couple years, and not necessarily only as the Vivian Girls. The two founding members, Cassie Ramone and “Kickball” Katy Goodman, have been busy not only with dealing with the waves of overwhelming infatuation and nasty backlash from their meteoric blog-fueled rise in the indie-lo-fi-rock world, but also with replacing drummer Ali Koehler after she left to join Best Coast, tending to their own side projects (The Babies and La Sera, respectively), preparing their third and most polished album to date only to have it leak weeks before its release date, and guesting on tracks by the likes of Male Bonding.

6 April 2011  1 comment

Interview: White Hinterland

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Casey Dienel is all about changes. A few years ago, she declared that she would stop releasing music under her own name, instead taking up the moniker “White Hinterland.” This year, she and her songwriting/recording/touring partner Shawn Creeden threw off the orchestral, lilting sounds of Dienel’s previous work in favor of electronic sampling, abstract beats, and bit-crushed organs. 2010’s Kairos surprised critics, not just because of its haunting melodies, but because of the extreme willingness of an artist to switch things up while she was still introducing herself to the world.

6 December 2010  1 comment
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