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Cincinnati Concert Reminder – Takka Takka Tonight!

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The guys from Takka Takka are back in Cincinnati tonight, touring off the strength of their excellent sophomore album, Migration. It is out now on the Ernest Jenning label and is really a must listen. I am currently addicted to songs like Silence, The Takers and Everybody Say and hope to be treated to them at the show tonight.

The gig is at the Gypsy Hut in lovely Northside this evening, and Takka Takka will also be making a stop by the lounge this afternoon for a 3pm session. Be sure to check out both!

Takka Takka – Everybody Say

Posted by Joe Long   @   30 September 2008 1 comments


Oct 1, 2008
3:32 pm
#1 Roth :

Fun show, for the 4 of us that were there for it. And I would like to say I am joking, but we got to hang out with Takka x2 (as I have done before on a few occasions). They are really great guys, and they put on a great show, even if it was to a nearly empty house.

Talking to Conrad (drums), they are apparently going to appear on the “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist” movie soundtrack, and The National appears in the movie but not on the soundtrack as well. cool.

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