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Corporate Radio Sucks

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As if we didnt already know it, Corporate Radio Sucks, and I guess the word is spreading. According to a New York Times piece, not only are people listening less or not at all, but Clear Channel is also in the market to sell some of its mega chain of cookie cutter stations.

The radio industry keeps losing people like Danny C. Costa, a senior at Boston University who grew up listening to radio in New York and New Jersey.

For the last few years, Mr. Costa has tuned out radio in favor of Web sites where he can get access to downloads or videos he heard about from friends. He prefers these to the drumbeat of the Top 40. He burns his favorite songs onto CD’s or copies them onto his iPod.

It appears that the rise of mp3 blogs, satellite radio and people like our friends at WOXY are responsible for the demise of CC. I wish I could say i felt bad……
You can read the whole story here.

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Posted by Joe Long   @   30 October 2006 1 comments


Oct 30, 2006
1:43 pm
#1 Hunta :

Looks like CC bought a sinking ship. Maybe there is justice after all!

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