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Dead Heart Bloom – Chelsea Diaries

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File this under albums that I have been meaning to write about but have been listening too frequently. Boris Skalsky, formerly of the band Phaser is back as Dead Heart Bloom for his second solo effort. And I have to say, this acoustic based effort is really right up my alley. Boris continues to write excellent music, but with the more rootsy sounds seems to fit him much better.

And of course, as with the last album, Boris knows how to get the music to the masses, make it available for free download! The physical copy of the CD is worth the purchase though, and would be an incredible way to help support this talented artist.

Boris will also be stopping into the lounge this Friday for a session, be sure to tune in at around 2pm EST.

Dead Heart Bloom – Wish It Well

Posted by Joe Long   @   23 April 2007 1 comments


Apr 24, 2007
11:14 am
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What makes great music even better, is “free” great music. Thanks

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