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[Decade Cincinnati] – The Seedy Seeds – Change States

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In 2006, it seemed like independent music in Cincinnati woke up. Nothing against the couple of years before that, but 06′ was a banner year for new acts. Lots of great acts were just getting started or had released their debut album, including Bad Veins, Pomegranates, Seabird, Turnbull AC’s and not the least of the group, The Seedy Seeds. The Seeds began as a duo comprised of Margaret and Mike who came to the scene fully equipped with banjo, guitar, white v-neck t-shirts and a slogan that put a smile on everyones faces, “Heck Yes!”

But in 2006, you not only had to come prepared and excited, but you also had to kick ass live, and that is exactly what the Seeds did. I was pretty impressed with the live energy I saw from the duo the first time I saw them play that year, and how they combined some of the folkiness that the midwest is known for with an electronic backing track. The results of which coined the term I still think fits, “Appalachitronica.”

Anytime your sound brings about an entirely new name like that, you are doing something right, and Mike and Margaret certainly were. When it came time for the release of their debut album, Change States, I didn’t hold my breath because I really did not expect it to live up to the live performances I had been enjoying. However, I was really wrong on that count because Change States lived up to the expectations live concert attendees had been hoping for. Lots of fun, poppy anthems were included on the disc, including “Calliope”, “Eponym” and what might have been the best song of the year, “The Little Patton.” Lots of things can make up a great album, but the freshness and energy The Seedy Seeds brought to this record was unmatched at the time, and for me, this sets it apart.

Bloggers across the country took notice too, and the Seeds went from a Cincinnati secret to one of the most sought after live bands from our area. In the time since this excellent debut, the crew have added a full time drummer in Mike Ingram, and have released another great album in 2008. And the best is yet to come for The Seedy Seeds, and we can’t wait to see what that entails.

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Posted by Joe Long   @   7 January 2010 2 comments


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