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Drunk Music Previews: The Heights Fest

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Drunk Music Review is Caitlin Behle and John Sebastian. Caitlin reviews a show while progressively getting drunker, while illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.

It feels like only yesterday that Drunk Music Reviews wrote/drew its first review at the Clifton Heights Music Fest back in October. We figured it only made sense to return from whence we were conceived, so it is with great pleasure that we present our first ever Drunk Music Preview. The upcoming local music fest, recently renamed The Heights Music Fest, takes place this Friday and Saturday (check out Each Note Secure’s preview). Unfortunately, a two day drink-a-thon will suck away your money like a money-grubbing succubus, so Drunk Music Review is opting to just review Saturday’s lineup.

AND EXCITING NEWS! We know we won’t be the only ones socially lubricating ourselves during The Heights, so we want you to get involved. Follow us on Twitter @drunkmusicrevws, then tweet your own hilariously drunk quips during the festival with the hashtag #drunkmusicreview. We’ll compile our favorite #drunkmusicreview tweets into a mini-comic. Take the drunken journey with us!

Here are the official Drunk Music Review picks for the second day of The Heights Music Fest.


3:00 pm
John’s Pick: Jessi Bair & Noah Wotherspoon (folk) at Rohs Street Cafe
Caitlin’s Pick: Deadwood Floats (folk) at Baba Budan’s
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Deadwood Floats – Let’s be real, if we’re going to commit to Drunk Music Review, we have to start drinking right off the bat. Plus, take a look at Baba’s Happy Hour specials – Burger beer for $1, well and domestics for $2, and imports and select local microbrews for $3. We are in no way affiliated with Baba’s, but until someone is brave enough to sponsor us (see: buy us booze), we’ll continue to drink on the cheap.

4:00 pm
John’s Pick: Elia Goat & His Natural Horns (folk) at Roxx Electrocafe
Caitlin’s Pick: The Altered Statesmen (pop) at Christy’s
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Elia Goat & His Natural Horns – Pretty simple logic: Elia’s lyrics are filled with excellent imagery, which makes for good illustrations.

5:00 pm
John & Caitlin’s Pick: Sound Museum (experimental) at Rohs Street Cafe
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Sound Museum – it’s a tie! We have pretty differing tastes, but we can both agree that psychedelic ambient music is awesome.

6:00 pm
John’s Pick: The Yugos (indie pop) at Baba Budan’s
Caitlin’s Pick: The Stratfords (folk pop) at Rohs Street Cafe
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: The Yugos – “We should give them a fair shake because I was way too drunk the last time [we saw them]” – John (in reference to our failed attempt to review the band at Madison Theater)

7:00 pm
John’s Pick: Dan Orlando (pop) at Rohs Street Cafe
Caitlin’s Pick: Emily & The Complexes (pop punk) at Roxx Electrocafe
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Emily & The Complexes – Dan Orlando has some serious chops when it comes to piano-driven pop music, but alas, I’ve already seen him several times, and Emily & The Complexes sound promising.

8:00 pm
John & Caitlin’s Pick: Dinosaurs & Thunder (punk/shoegaze) at Baba Budan’s
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Dinosaurs & Thunder – It’s unanimous! If a band’s list of influences such a wide range of influences as Modest Mouse, The Black Angels, and No Age, how could we resist?

John’s Pick: Lemon Sky (rock & roll) at Christy’s
Caitlin’s Pick: Gorges (experimental) at Rohs Street Cafe
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Lemon Sky – Gorges is most likely dropping out of the festival since their drummer is recovering from an injury. Plus, John pointed out that Lemon Sky is ideal music to listen to while “drinking and acting like a neanderthal.” It sounds like an insult but drinking and/or acting like a neanderthal actually one of John’s favorite pastimes.

John’s Pick: Those Guys, The Natives, Trademark Aaron, Da 3rd Element (hip hop) at Baba Budan’s
Caitlin’s Pick: Bulldancer (folk) at Roxx Electrocafe
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Those Guys, The Natives, Trademark Aaron, Da 3rd Element at Baba Budan’s – I’ve been told that Bulldancer is not to be missed, and honestly, I’m a sucker for any band that reminds me of Fleet Foxes. Still, it’s not often we get the opportunity to review a hip hop show, so diem we shall carpe.

John’s Pick: Sassy Molasses (folk/Americana) at Roxx Electrocafe
Caitlin’s Pick: SHADOWRAPTR (experimental rock) at Baba Budan’s
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: SHADOWRAPTR – It’s a tough call because I’ve been wanting to catch Sassy Molasses for a while now. Frontwoman Moriah Lawson can play a mean mandolin, and has solid vocals to match. Still, let’s be realistic – if we’ve been drinking since 3 pm, it’s unlikely we’ll stumble all the way over to Calhoun Street without the promise of alcohol. I know, we’re terrible people. But this is Drunk Music Review, not Sober-Up-Halfway-Through-The-Night Review!

12:00 am
John’s Pick: Eclipse (hip hop/jam) at Baba Budan’s
Caitlin’s Pick: Loudmouth (punk rock) at Mac’s
DMR’s Most Likely Pick: Eclipse – When choosing between what promises to be a ridiculous hip-hop fusion show and a ridiculous pop-punk show, it really just depends on how the night goes. By midnight, do we want to grind and groove, or take a shot of whiskey before leaping into a mosh pit? There’s only one way to find out.

Preview by Caitlin Behle, follow her on twitter @cutelin.

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