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[Drunk Music Reviews] CincyPunk Fest VI

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Drunk Music Reviews is exactly what it sounds like – Caitlin Behle reviews a show while progressively getting drunker, while illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.

The captions that end with @drunkmusicrevws were pulled from their Twitter account during the show. Tweets ending with J are reviews from John, while tweets ending with C are from Caitlin. The chart at the bottom of every illustration shows the drink tallies for the night.

While this is a review about CincyPunk Fest, it’s inevitable that we talk about the Southgate House since CincyPunk Fest VI ended up as Southgate House Revival’s grand opening. The old church was still rough around the edges by the time they opened for Cincy Punk Fest VI. The Lounge is still sparse; the pipes of an organ with the words “The Southgate House Revival” are painted in a simple circular black design on the stark white wall that acts as the backdrop for the stage. The space didn’t yet seem set up for sound, so acoustics were almost jarring, even for a festival called CincyPunk Fest. Still, that rawness lent itself to a very DIY feel. It had the energy, and community, of the all ages punk shows I used to watch in church basements in high school. How much of the look was temporary, and how much was intentionally made to embrace the DIY spirit that helped build Southgate House’s music community? What will the Southgate House Revival look like in six months?

Like any new venue, the SGH Revival definitely still has some kinks to work out. John went to the bar during the Frankl Project’s set to find they were out of PBRs. You’re the Southgate House [Revival]…how do you run out of PBR?! That’s like Starbucks running out of coffee, or a Mt. Adams bar running out of douchebags. The Parlour was still closed, as it was not yet up to code, so the schedule was moved around. Still, hiccups aside, everyone was at the Southgate House Revival on Saturday for the same reason. We wanted to celebrate Cincinnati’s music scene in one of its most welcoming homes. Welcome back, Southgate House.

Knife the Symphony

Justin WW

Drink 3: Schlalfly for Justin WW. The sound is rough. I feel like I’m back @ an all ages punk show in a church basement, age 15. Sorta nice. – @drunkmusicrevws

Thanks for the awkward stage banter about weather, Justin WW. – @drunkmusicrevws

The New Strange

There’s a certain Perry Farrel thing with the New Strange’s singer. – @drunkmusicrevws

Margaret Darling

Margaret Darling is sounding good in the lounge at @CincyPunkfest, albeit somewhat drowned out by mass people talking. – @drunkmusicrevws

No, but seriously. If you’re at a venue for the sole purpose of being at a show, STFU. Margaret sounded great, and a good amount of fools missed it because…I’m not sure…they wanted to continue their conversations while being able to smoke inside?



Team Stray

Upon reviewing our tweets, it turns out that John and I both mentioned the tambourine player in Team Stray, though I was a little less harsh than John.

Team Stray has a member who only plays tambourine. It’s a pop punk band. I’m just as confused as you. #CincyPunkfest – @drunkmusicrevws


Dude In this band with a tshirt blazer combo playing tambourine. I kind of hate him. – j – @drunkmusicrevws

Of course, no words were exchanged regarding Team Stray’s actual performance. We’re the worst reviewers ever. Maybe we’d make better fashion commentators.

What happens if I’m standing in the center of a denim shirt/jacket trifecta? Am I going to explode? #CincyPunkfest – @drunkmusicrevws

Oh snap, rat tails are in!!! – – @drunkmusicrevws


Alone at 3AM

Alone at 3AM nails alt country. Er, Country rock? Whatever, to hell with genres. Also: drink 4 – Hudy Amber #CincyPunkfest – @drunkmusicrevws

Billy Wallace 

“Caitlin…<places hand on shoulder> I think I’m too drunk to draw.” – John, signaling the end of the illustration portion of tonight’s DMR – @drunkmusicrevws

By the time Billy Wallace hit the stage, we were too Drunk Music Reviewed to actually Drunk Music Review. A few nonsensical tweets but no drawings.

Billy Wallace launched into The Band’s “The Weight.” Full out singalong. Smoke, swayin’, & people w/ arms around each other.#CincyPunkfest – @drunkmusicrevws

The Frankl Project

Though I’m not normally into the sort of melodic pop punk that Frankl Project plays, The Frankl Project struck me as one of the strongest bands of the night. The band has been around since I was in high school, which is an impressive chunk of time. While most bands would have broken up, developed egos, or stopped giving a shit ages ago, The Frankl Project is still down to earth, still musically talented, and still clearly passionate.

Paid for Drink 5 (PBR) in quarters. Good sign to call it a night…after Frankl Project. -c #CincyPunkfest – @drunkmusicrevws

Frankl Project is tight. Strong vocals, tight musical chops. No snark…A Cincinnati gem. Lucky to have ’em. #CincyPunkfest  – @drunkmusicrevws

I think that I too have reached the “too drunk to tweet” threshold. Way to go, CincyPunkfest and The Southgate House Revival. – c @drunkmusicrevws

The Dopamines


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Oct 19, 2012
12:15 pm
#1 Tom Stray :

The dude who was playing tambourine in Team Stray was also singing backing vocals. He is a founding member who played keyboards WAY back before we made records, he helps write songs, and he’s one of our best friends, so that’s what he’s doing there. I take no responsibility for his fashion choices:)

The drawings are great, btw.

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