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Drunk Music Reviews: Day 2 of Bunbury

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Drunk Music Reviews is Caitlin Behle and John Sebastian. Caitlin reviews a show while getting progressively drunker, and illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.

Notes: The captions that include @drunkmusicrevws were pulled from the Drunk Music Reviews Twitter account during the show. Tweets ending with J are reviews from John, while tweets ending with C are from Caitlin. The chart at the bottom of every illustration shows the drink tallies for the night.

Drunk Music Reviews made our large-scale music festival debut on Saturday at the inaugural Bunbury Music Festival at Sawyer Point. So there we were, watching Dan Deacon encourage upwards of 300+ people to channel the mother of Tom Hanks’ character in Big as they danced in the middle of a field, and we realized how lucky we were to experience such a fantastic festival in our city. It helped that we were sloshed in the middle of the day.

DMR arrived on Saturday, already one day deep into the Bun’. John was fortunate enough to not have to work that day and thus arrived earlier to catch a few bands in the afternoon.

Hot Fox “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews”

Drunk Music Reviews ‏@drunkmusicrevws
Hotfox is some good catchy/poppy rock, but I’m especially digging on those jammy psychedelic/noise fills. More of those please.

The Sundresses “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews”

Drunk Music Reviews ‏@drunkmusicrevws

“this song’s about being 1/8th Mexican…as I am” “this song’s about a spaceship I designed when I was 9” The Sundresses have legit banter

Drunk Music Reviews ‏@drunkmusicrevws

Thanks to The Sundresses, I have an incredible thirst for dirt beer and whiskey. – j

The Lions Rampant “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews”

Manchester Orchestra “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews

Once I met up with John, we headed straight for the Craft Beer Village. I imagined the Craft Beer Village as a pavilion of quaint Germanic-looking booths but to my dismay it turned out to be a pretty standard ring of drink booths. Still, I was able to maintain my beer snobbery – selections included Bell’s, Troegs, and of course Hudepohl and Christian Moerlein.

After a jaunt through the Village, we headed for Dan Deacon. It’s clear once you see a Dan Deacon show that Dan Deacon could easily lead a cult, and damn if I don’t want to be first in line to join said cult.

Dan Deacon “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews”

Regardless of whether or not you like the glitchy electropop Deacon produces, you have to admit he puts on one of the most engaging shows. Let’s break it down:

Battle-style dance off inspired by Michael Jackson’s video for “Bad”? Check.
Double dance circles led by dance captains? Check.

Drunk Music Reviews ‏@drunkmusicrevws

Dan Deacon Dance Circle. The dance captains have been chosen.‪#bunburyfest‬

Giant dance tunnel involving 90% of the crowd? Check.
Hipster stampede commanded by Dan Deacon? Check.
Circle pit? Check.

I also appreciate Dan Deacon’s air of “don’t-give-a-fuck”-ness, which he exercised several times by talking shit about our sacred P&G and Bud Light (a bold move for an artist performing at the Bud Light Stage).

Drunk Music Reviews ‏@drunkmusicrevws

“That company does nothing but destroy the earth & kill people…go to Hell Proctor & Gamble!” Dan Deacon gives 0 shits about sponsorship -c

He also compared festival founder Bill Donabedian to Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget, but managed to turn it into a compliment.

After Dan Deacon’s set, we stopped to check out Kevin Devine, who unfortunately could not hold the attention of two drunk fools who had just gotten off the ADD-fueled roller coaster known as the Dan Deacon Express. We quickly moved on to RJD2.

RJD2 “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews”

The turnout for RJD2 was pretty weak when we arrived, and as many of us know, dancing at concerts isn’t considered one of Cincinnati’s strengths.

Drunk Music Reviews ‏@drunkmusicrevws

Hey people up front at RJD2, you’re supposed to dance. I can’t do it all on my own. -j

As it turns out, RJD2 wasn’t all that entertaining anyway, so we headed to the Landor stage for Grouplove. The Serpentine Wall was completely packed, but after a few songs I found that my stomach was calling to me more so than Grouplove’s music. I ended up in line at Island Noodles, one of the closest vendors selling substantial drunk food, for Grouplove’s entire set. John stuck around long enough to catch the first of two “ball drops” by Landor at Bunbury. During one of Grouplove’s songs, Landor released several glowing beach balls into the crowd. The Grouplove stunt proved more successful than the ball drop during Guided by Voices, at which several disgruntled GBV fans whipped out knives to deflate Landor’s well-meaning attempts at beach party summer fun.

Grouplove “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews”

Our evening ended at the Globili stage for headliner Weezer. Weezer was surprisingly good, though I realized that Weezer were so old that Rivers Cuomo’s Argyle sweaters and khakis were no longer ironic. At one point he put on a black cowboy hat and a friend commented that it was like watching his dad at a party after one too many drinks.

Weezer “Illustration by John Sebastian/Drunk Music Reviews”

All jabs at Rivers aside, Weezer played a solid set of favorites. I have to say, though I initially rolled my eyes at the announcement that Weezer was headlining, before I knew it I had cast aside my pretension to sing along to “El Scorcho.” Weezer played it safe by only including a handful of songs from…well, any of their albums after Make Believe (so no, nothing from Ratitude made the cut). The majority of the set was made up of hits from their earlier albums, with a few newer singles like “Beverly Hills” sprinkled throughout; “Undone (The Sweater Song)”, “Tired of Sex” “My Name is Jonas”, “El Scorcho”, and “Buddy Holly” all made the list. Side note: I was a little bewildered that nearly the entire crowd knew the words to “Say It Ain’t So”…until I remembered that the song was featured on Rock Band. Weird.

Overall, we had a great time at Bunbury. The lineup wasn’t what we normally go for, but the bands sounded great regardless and we still enjoyed ourselves. Beer was expensive, but not surprisingly so, and it was nice to have the option of craft beer. Drunk food was in full supply with tacos from Taco Azul, coneys from Skyline, pizza from LaRosa’s, and BBQ from Eli’s, though if I had been more sober I may have preferred something a little more veg-friendly.

Also, thanks to Landor, who admittedly paid our tab, and therefore made this DMR happen (I would have had to sell my plasma to get drunk off that many $5 Bud Lights). Landor has been like one of those teachers that takes the rowdy troublemaker under his wing. Landor saw our potential deep down despite the fact that we consistently show up drunk to every class. So cheers to Landor for enabling us to drink mercilessly while making snarky comments in the back of the classroom.

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