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[Drunk Music Reviews] New Year’s Eve at the Southgate House Revival

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Drunk Music Reviews is exactly what it sounds like: Caitlin Behle reviews shows while progressively getting drunker, while illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.

The captions that end with @drunkmusicrevws were pulled from their Twitter account during the show. Tweets ending with J are reviews from John, while tweets ending with C are from Caitlin. The chart at the bottom of every illustration shows the drink tallies for the night.

Somehow Drunk Music Reviews survived another year while narrowly avoiding liver failure. In 2012, we stumbled and slurred our way through five DMRs across Cincinnati (and one in Lexington!) : Cincy Punk FestMidpoint Music Festival, BoomslangBunbury Music FestivalNorthside Music Festival, The Heights Music Festival, and the Upset Victory CD Release Show.

For our last review of 2012, we couldn’t think of a better place to wrap up a year of debauchery than at the Southgate House Revival.

Molly Sullivan

[Molly Sullivan is the winner of the sole legit review of the night because she was the first band of the night, and thus the only band I saw during a time when I could still coherently process thoughts.]

Molly Sullivan, former front woman for the now defunct No No Knots, has truly found her voice with her new ensemble. The synth-driven pop has fallen to the wayside for slow burning anthems and dark, R&B-tinged pop songs.


It’s also worth noting that John and I both had beers before we headed to SGHr, so the actual count is two beers deep, and John is technically three beers in.

If someone asks you, “From 1 to Very Drunk, how drunk are you?”, there’s a good chance you appear pretty drunk. -c #SGHrNYE – @drunkmusicrevws



Drink 2: Tall boy PBR, Mardou in the Revival Room. Dudes sound like Cap’n Jazz but the lead singer is channeling Kurt Cobain. Please advise. – C – @drunkmusicrevws

The Guitars

Waiting for the guitars to start, Caitlin just put a new years’ tiara on my head while she yells “KEEP IT THERE.” Catching up with her seems fruitless. – @drunkmusicrevws


I love The Guitars but the reverb of this space is not doing them any favors. It’s like they’re being played at high volume through a TV. – @drunkmusicrevws

The Pinstripes 


Sorry Pinstripes. By the time the ball dropped, we were already on the bullet train to Drunksville (or rather the Bulleit Train, amiright?). John and I [apparently] split up – I stayed downstairs for The Pinstripes, while John headed to the Revival Room for Homemade Drugs.

I am wasted. Welcome to 2013. Yikes. @drunkmusicrevws
(I assume this was from me. Let’s just say it was lights out after the ball dropped. Go me.)

Homemade Drugs


Shout outs to our official Drunk Music Review sponsors (aka the lovely folks that bought us drinks even when we clearly didn’t need any more): Fern N., Sean P., Ben S., Jackie K., and Zac S.

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