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[Drunk Music Reviews] Northside Music Festival 2013

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Drunk Music Reviews is writer Caitlin Behle and illustrator John Sebastian. We go to shows and get blatantly, shamelessly drunk. We tweet our musings during the shows and sketch what we see and experience.

The captions that end with @drunkmusicrevws are actual tweets that were posted during the show.  Tweets ending with J are reviews from John, while tweets ending with C are from Caitlin. The chart at the bottom of every illustration shows the drink tallies for the night.

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: Drunk Music Reviews has an art opening Final Friday at Smartfish Studio & Sustainable Supply (1301 Main St., OTR). 6pm. Illustrations from our past reviews, caricatures, booze, music. Good times.

After six years, Northside Music Festival is still, at its core, a festival dedicated to showing off local music. It’s great at capturing the sound  and vibe of Northside (with a few touring bands thrown in). The only problem with that is we’ve already seen most of the bands on the lineup.  Still, Northside Music Festival isn’t really about discovering new music – it’s about reaffirming your love for Northside and Cincinnati’s music scene.

The real stand out of the night was The Great Depression, the folk project of Jeremy Pinnell and Timothy Carr.  Though it’s a sparse set up – two guys on vocals and acoustic guitars – the combination of their honest, heartbreaking lyrics and jaw-dropping harmonies resonate long after their set.

Josh Eagle 

I have arrived at Northside Tavern for Northside Music Festival. Caitlin will join me at 8. Lets hurt some feelings! -J –@drunkmusicrevws

01 JoshEagle

The Harlequins

02 Harlequins


DAAP Girls

And welcome special guest Ryan Gosling filling in on keys with DAAP Girls #northsidemusicfest@drunkmusicrevws

03 DAAP Girls


The Great Depression

04 Great Depression

New Tongues

New Tongues’ bassist had an incredible beard. #thingsicantnotdraw@drunkmusicrevws

05 New Tongues

Ohio Knife

I know this is the 3rd time we’ve reviewed @OhioKnife but we can’t not see them. Still rad as ever.  #northsidemusicfest@drunkmusicrevws


06 Ohio Knife

The Guitars

“That one was rough. Don’t applaud that.” Ladies and gentleman, The Guitars –@drunkmusicrevws

08 Guitars

The Sights

09 Sights


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