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[Drunk Music Reviews] SXSW Travelogue: Part II

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Drunk Music Reviews is exactly what it sounds like: Caitlin Behle reviews shows while progressively getting drunker, while illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.

01 Title

Day 2
March 15

Our second day of SXSW was all about day parties. While John split off to check out, as he puts it, “sweaty, bearded metalheads” at the Brooklyn Vegan showcase, I headed to the Couch Sessions Showcase to see Erykah Badu and the Robert Glasper Experiment.


First, here’s John’s experience (in his own words):

Inter Arma  

My first thought was “hey, their drummer lacks a shirt, but has a giant stick,” followed by noting their copious amount of stacks. Often times, bigger isn’t always better – but in this case it was. And it wasn’t just their gear that was monstrous. They set the tone by opening up with a very jammy and mellow Meddle-era Pink Floyd-esque tune, and then morphed into crushing, reverbed-out black metal. Very fast and very technical. These guys have chops.

Inter Arma is fucking sick. Also, The JR is giving away free Jameson. -#drunkmusicreviews (tweeted by @seblasto)

01 Inter Arma

02 Inter Arma

Royal Thunder

I might be a little biased – my band Grey Host got the opportunity to play with them a few weeks before this, and they seriously blew me away. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all-around great people. While their production quality and sound may be a bit more contemporary, they remind me (in a great way) of the old proto-metal bands from the late 70s. Driving rhythms, liberally applied guitar effects, and powerful vocals.

03 Royal Thunder


04 Royal Thunder


Ken MODE sounded like the shitty skinhead band from the party scene from American History X. #drunkmusicreviews (tweeted by @seblasto)

I was a bit on the fence with them: they had great energy and their singer/guitarist was INTENSE (not to mention his fabulous Tank Girl haircut), but their songs all started to blend together for me. They’re on tour right now with Today is the Day and Fight Amp, and I can see the similarities, but bands like Today is the Day do the same thing ten times better.

05 ken mode



Watching Pallbearer set up. Must be rough to have trouble stacking your god damn double stack. #sxsw #imnotjealousreally #drunkmusicreviews (tweeted by @seblasto)

Jesus god, man. They’re heavy. Onslaught and dirge after onslaught and dirge, and incredibly well-executed. They were like some ancient order of forlorn monks with 10000 volts of electricity running through their funeral chants.

06 Pallbearer



Erykah Badu and Robert Glasper Experiment 

After waiting through a handful of acts while packed into Empire Garage – an electro pop act, Body Languagethe Stevie Wonder-inspired neo-soul singer Allen Stone, and the downright awful Amp Live – someone announced that the venue was over capacity and the show was shut down. No Erykah Badu, and no Robert Glasper. The end.

The captions that end with #drunkmusicreviews were pulled from their Twitter account during the show. 

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