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Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

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Drunk Music Reviews is Caitlin Behle and John Sebastian. Caitlin reviews a show while progressively getting drunker, while illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.

Notes: The captions that end with the hashtag #DrunkMusicReview were pulled from their Twitter account during the show. The tweets ending with J are reviews from John, while tweets ending with C are from Caitlin. The chart at the bottom of every illustration shows the drink tallies for the night.

BeerCable Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

Drunk Music Review returned to The Heights Music Festival (formerly known as the Clifton Heights Music Festival) on April 7th for their third drunken review. The festival, in its sixth installation, took place over two days. However, there’s only so much alcohol one can consume, and Drunk Music Review doesn’t have alcohol sponsors to float the bill (hint, hint). Therefore, Drunk Music Review presents a review of the second day of The Heights, including the all-ages day festival that took place in the afternoon.

Deadwood Floats at Baba Budan’s
John got a head start at the Heights Day Fest while I was at the TEDxCincinnatiChange event. He started out at Baba Budan’s for folk group Deadwood Floats and surprisingly, he didn’t have a drink. Before you dismiss this as a missed opportunity, read on. We definitely made up for it later that night.

Ukelele, accordion, fiddle, drums guitars. Surprising lack of bass, but you don’t miss it. Great, full sound. – J #DrunkMusicReview

DeadwoodFloats Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

Elia Goat and the Natural Horns at Roxx Electrocafe
John continued his solo Drunk Music Review at Roxx Electrocafe for Elia Goat and His Natural Horns.

Elia Goat doing some solo stuff before he’s accompanied by his Natural Horns. Tickles my 70s folk roots. – J #DrunkMusicReview

EliaGoat2 Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

The Sound Museum at Rohs Street Cafe
I finally joined up with John at Rohs Street Cafe for The Sound Museum. The band effortlessly blended genres into an all instrumental mix of classic rock, jam, and surf. One of their songs reminded John of the soundtrack to an old 70’s cop movie; he received his affirmation once the band tore into a cover of the Peter Gunn theme song.

SoundMuseum Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

Meanwhile, I drank a secret shot of Bulleit from a flask. It seemed appropriate.

The Yugos at Baba Budan’s
We had our fill of sobriety, so we headed to Baba’s for happy hour and to catch a set by one of my favorite bands, The Yugos. While aspects of their sound parallel that of today’s buzz bands, The Yugos approach pop with refreshing simplicity. The lyrics are unpretentious, yet lead singer Christian Gough and his brother Jordan squawk and holler with such raw energy that it’s hard to not compare them to Muppets.

Yugos Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

Can’t see much w/ new stage setup @ Baba’s but from what I hear, Yugos haven’t ditched their “Pomegranates-meets Muppets-chorus” sound – c #DrunkMusicReview

John and I stayed at Baba’s for a while getting business drunk…until we realized we were hitting it pretty hard and it wasn’t even 8:00.

And so it is tweeted: I’m drunk at 7:13. Great. -c #DrunkMusicReview

Dinosaurs and Thunder at Baba Budan’s
After making a crucial pit stop for burritos, we circled back to Baba’s for Dinosaurs and Thunder. The band’s heavy psych rock leaned much more toward shoegaze than I expected. Still, John noted that he dug how they mashed in some “punk, and surf into a groovy combination.” #DrunkMusicReview

DinosaursandThunder Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

Lemon Sky at Christy’s
“Holy shit, it looks like a KISS concert in there!” – a friend as we approach Christy’s during the Lemon Sky set - c #DrunkMusicReview

Lemon Sky seemed like the most obvious choice following Dinosaurs and Thunder, and it definitely ended up being the best choice. At this point it’s safe to say the night was pretty blurry so I don’t remember much about Lemon Sky. John assures me, however, that they nailed heavy blues rock “with that southern tinge and just the right amount of sleaze.”

lemonsky Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

Of course, all I could remember was the lead singer’s wardrobe.

OF COURSE the lead singer of Lemon Sky is wearing a black vest without a shirt. Of course! – c #DrunkMusicReview

The Natives, Trademark Aaron, Da 3rd Element, Those Guys at Baba Budan’s
With over a dozen drinks consumed between the two of us, John and I stumbled back to Baba’s for The Natives, Trademark Aaron, Da 3rd Element, and Those Guys. We caught the end of The Natives, which John and I both dug the most; the hip hop collective, fashion, and art collective stood out with their live instrumentation and solid grooves. Unfortunately, Baba’s new stage arrangement in the back of the bar made it difficult to see anything.

Wish I could see The Natives well enough to draw them. I’ll drink more beers. #DrunkMusicReview

TheNatives Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

SHADOWRAPTR at Baba Budan’s
After Those Guys wrapped up, we stuck around for what ended up being one of the most epic shows we’ve ever seen at The Heights.

One of the great benefit of the Heights (besides the excuse to drink at multiple venues in one night) is the guarantee that you will discover new bands and catch at least one flat-out amazing performance. This year, SHADOWRAPTR took home the trophy. The bar was packed to capacity; dedicated fans swarmed to the front of the stage, dancing and stomping and hurling themselves against each other in a swirling, heaving moshpit. Every few moments the thought crossed my mind that the floor might give way, or at the very least I was going to get punched in the face by an overzealous fan.

I’m afraid the crowd here at Baba’s might attract a sarlacc beast and create a giant pit in front of SHADOWRAPTR. – J #DrunkMusicReview

Shadowraptr Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012

As it turned out, I’m fairly sure I got punched in the face, but after 8 or 9 drinks it didn’t really matter.

Apologies to Eclipse, who had the unfortunate last slot of the night and therefore weren’t illustrated or reviewed because Drunk Music Review took our jobs a little too seriously (aka we got too drunk to tweet/draw).

The Heights once again proved that the humble local music festival offers one of the best platforms for music discovery. Every year the festival introduces me to a few new bands and offers the opportunity to catch bands I’ve been meaning to see. Though the crowd seemed smaller than usual, the bands were no less talented, and those in attendance were no less passionate about supporting their local music scene.

 Drunk Music Reviews: The Heights Fest 2012


Caitlin has been with Each Note Secure since her days at WOXY as an evening DJ beginning in 2008. As a senior contributor with ENS, most of her live reviews are centered on Cincinnati's local music scene. She also provides the words for Drunk Music Reviews, a series of reviews written in collaboration with illustrator John Sebastian in which they both get hammered and write/draw their live concert experiences.

Posted by Caitlin Behle   @   26 April 2012 2 comments


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