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ENS Contributors are the best, seriously

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Just a quick note from me today about the contributors to ENS. In the past couple years, I have had a great team of folks who contribute to this site on a regular basis. They make ENS run honestly, because even though our updates aren’t always frequent, I can’t and have no desire to do it all on my own. I don’t give them nearly enough credit for the work they do though, and even though this post is a small thing, I wanted to say this to everyone.

I want to thank all of our past contributors of course, there are almost too many to mention, but I’ll thank our current group individually.

Dave Tobias – Dave was the first guy I trusted enough to write something for ENS years ago. He doesn’t live in Cincinnati anymore but still loves music and contributes a couple posts a year to what we do here. Thanks Dave. @tobiasdt

John Crowell – John might be the best writer in our group and is always pushing the boundaries here taste wise. John will push to write about bands that I either don’t care for or don’t know about and in the end I usually end up a fan of the band he pushes for. Thanks John. @terriblesounds

Keith Klenowski – If you have ever seen a good photograph on this website, Keith probably took it. He often has more energy for the site than I even do and is always ready to do whatever it takes to get great looking pictures for us. In my opinion, Keith is easily the best live music photographer in Cincinnati. Thanks Keith. @kklenowski

Caitlin Behle – Caitlin has been with us for a long time too and does as good a job as anyone. She has a passion for local music and the local scene and it really shows in the stuff she puts up here on ENS. She works incredibly hard and I’m happy she makes time for ENS. She also crushes drinks and words for Drunk Music Reviews, which are amazing. (Thanks to @seblasto for the incredible DMR drawings too) I might not even have kept the site alive if it wasn’t for Caitlin. Thanks Caitlin. @cutelin

So thanks everyone, what you do here at our small slice of the internet is really important to me and to our readers.

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