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ENS teams up with MidPoint for Saturday day party!

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Exciting news today, as we are proud to be teaming with the good people at the MidPoint Music Festival for an official day party. For veterans of festivals like SXSW, the day party is a fixture, but it is only just beginning here in Cincinnati. For its 10th anniversary, we hope this continues to build out the idea that MidPoint is more than just a late night concert event. Also, we hope to give people options to see bands early in the day that they might miss later, or just to see them again in a new environment.

So if you aren’t a night owl, or even if you want to just expose your kids to some rock music, come out on Saturday afternoon for what should be a great time. Now, the lineup for the MidPoint Day Party at the VitaminWater room presented by Each Note Secure.


The Capstan Shafts

The Capstan Shafts are the best band playing MidPoint that you probably haven’t heard of. The criminally overlooked project of Dean Wells has been releasing material since 1999, mostly home recorded. Last year though, Wells got his band together in a studio for the first time and put together Revelation Skirts, a great power pop album in the same vein as vintage Guided By Voices. The album was a part of NPR’s “5 artists you should have known” in 2010 list. Pitchfork have also been consistent Capstan Shafts fans, and I think this review quote should intrigue you enough…

The first time I heard the Capstan Shafts, I found myself muttering a phrase that hasn’t passed my lips in a long, long time: “How can this be so good?”

The Capstan Shafts – Heart Your Eat Out
The Capstan Shafts – Quiet Wars


Total Babes

If you dig on Cloud Nothings, chances are you dig on Total Babes, but you might not know it yet. An offshoot of the Cleveland lo-fi rockers Cloud Nothings, Total Babes was hatched spontaneously, but the results feel well planned out. The band released their first album this week Swimming Through Sunlight on Old Flame Records and it’s been in constant rotation for me ever since I got my hands on it. Check out Total Babes below.

Total Babes-Without Your Heart by Old Flame Records


Cheyenne Marie Mize

I adore female singer-songwriters with the types of voices that Ms. Mize posseses. The folk tinged sound and heartfelt lyrics make for a combo that is nothing short of intoxicating. Cheyenne Marie Mize was one of NPR’s All Songs Considered Best Discoveries at SXSW 2011 and has garnered the attention of lots of bloggers and even the New York Times since then. She has a brand new album on the way too, from our friends at Roaring Colonel Records (My Old Kentucky Blog Imprint) called We Don’t Need which is due on November 8th. Get a taste of the new album below with this stripped down tune.

Cheyenne Marie Mize – Wishing Well


Nerves Junior

Rounding out our afternoon of great music is Louisville electro-rockers Nerves Junior. The band have been playing live regionally for awhile, I caught their set at last years Forecastle Festival and walked away thoroughly impressed. The guys are getting ready to release their debut full length album As Bright As Your Night Light this weekend, and should have plenty of new goodness to deliver at our show later this month. In the meantime, check out this great track.

As Bright As Your Night Light by Nerves Junior

So make your plans now to be at the VitaminWater room on Saturday September 24th for our party, I promise you will have a blast!

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Posted by Joe Long   @   1 September 2011 4 comments


Sep 2, 2011
9:37 am
#1 euro60 :

So where exactly is the “VitaminWater” room? Just curious more than anything else, as obviously I’ll be getting the map of all venues at the start of the festival on that Thursday.

Author Sep 2, 2011
11:46 am

Paul, the VitaminWater room is in the Hanke building

Sep 14, 2011
11:53 am

vitaminwater room in the Hanke Building:

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