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Hot IQs – Dangling Modifier EP

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Hot IQs
I wasn’t familiar with Denver, Colorado’s The Hot IQs until this summer when I took in their set at the Midwest Music Summit. They played a great set of catchy, dance pop that I probably would have even thought more of if Silversun Pickups hadnt followed them and melted my face off.

Even so, this trio is really hitting on all levels on their new EP, “Dangling Modifier”, which is available now here. I got to listen to the EP this week and you can really feel them stepping it up. These guys took some notes on Archers of Loaf as well, as their sound is influenced by the 90s indie rockers. They even cover Archers on this EP, with their take on “Web in Front”.

Have a listen to Retromuff from the new EP. Im also really digging, “Duck and Cover”. I gave that tune a spin last night on WOXY and im sure it will see more air time in the future.

Hot IQs on MySpace
Hot IQ’s- Retromuff

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Posted by Joe Long   @   30 November 2006 1 comments


Nov 30, 2006
6:52 pm
#1 Jake :

Why oh why is this band not huge yet?! I suppose its only a matter of time. Hot Tunes. Hot Drummer. Hot IQs!

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