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It’s List Season! Best of 2007 Kicks Off…

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If you are a reader and have been for awhile, you know I have a guilty pleasure thing going on when it comes to lists, and year end lists are one of my favorites. Dave over at Largehearted Boy already has a nice listing of all the year end best of lists that have already made their way onto the web right here.

I am itching to do mine, but am being patient just to make sure there are not any other releases on the way that I could exclude (and there really is not much left). That being said, here are the best ofs I plan to dedicate posts to here on ENS for list season…….

Top 15 Albums of 2007 (See 2006 List)

Top 5 EP’s of 2007 (See 2006 List)

Top 10 Concerts I Attended In 2007 (See 2006 List)

Top 5 Cincinnati Albums of 2007 (See 2006 List)

Top 15 Songs of 2007
(See 2006 List)

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