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Jolie Holland – Live @ the Southgate House

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Jolie Holland
Jolie Holland doesnt just sing, she croons. Ms Holland has a style that attaching a tag as pedestrian as “singing” to it just doesnt do it justice. Hot on the heels of her excellent release, “Springtime Can Kill You”, Holland took the stage Monday night at The Southgate House to croon for us.

Jolie Holland

It was a fairly mesmerizing set too. The crowd was very intense and reserved throughout, even the most die hard of fans were only giddy from thier seats. Which, is a rarity at this venue. Jolie had all of us rather transfixed for her entire set too, even with a casual conversation mixed in to lighten the mood a bit. I get the feeling though, that this is the norm for a crooner like Holland. That having the audience in the palm of her hand is common as her voice likely is in her own home. If you get the chance to catch Ms Holland and her talented band, make it a point to do so.
Jolie Holland

Springtime Can Kill You

Jolie Holland – Springtime Can Kill You
Jolie Holland – Old Fashion Morphine

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Posted by Joe Long   @   25 October 2006 3 comments


Oct 25, 2006
1:32 pm
#1 Peter :

That was a pretty rosy review of the show. While most the comments were correct, she seemed less than half-hearted about performing that night, starting and stopping several songs. So much more energy when the improv w/ the opening act, then it seemed like she got a call that her cat died in between the opening act and her act, and all her energy was gone.
When it became obvious the crowd wanted to hear songs off her (much better) 2nd album, she false started one, played another, and packed her bags.

Good, but disappointing.

Author Oct 25, 2006
5:32 pm
#2 Administrator :

Peter, my first time seeing her, so even a less than usual set from her brought about the rosy review. I must have blocked out the start/stops, but you are correct, there were quite a few.

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