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Marburg Collective pays tribute to Radiohead

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Here is something that should make most of us feel really old. Hail To The Thief from Radiohead was released 10 years ago! The bright side of this realization is that the album is being celebrated, and the celebration is happening right here in Cincinnati.

The Marburg Collective is a home-grown, communally driven record label, event-planning and media arts production center. Its infrastructural organization is fabricated by the carefully creative and craftful efforts of an interchanging core of artists, artisans and musicians.

The Hail To The Thief tribute will be performed live by members of SHADOWRAPTR, The Happy Maladies and ADM at Northside Tavern on May 31.

So come out and enjoy some great local musicians performing a great album!

Posted by Joe Long   @   7 May 2013 2 comments


Jun 1, 2013
10:40 am
#1 David Smyth :

The Hail To The Thief tribute at Northside Tavern on May 31. Must of been amazing!

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