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MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: fwd:

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Blue Wisp Jazz Club
Thursday, September 26th @ 9:30pm

I’ll admit, I’m a pure novice when it comes to jazz. I can hear fwd:’s jazz influences, which they fuse with rock jazz influences, which they fuse with rock noodling and hip-hop beats. However, any serious commentary I could make about the Cincinnati collective’s interpretation of the jazz genre would be insulting to those who spend a lot of time listening to it.

Here’s the best I can do: you know how cool it is to listen to a DJ mashup of old jazz records and new hip-hop beats? How the producer will slice up a measure of melody and rearrange it to squeeze maximum impact out of every kick drum and snare hit, all while extracting a breezy, chill groove? Imagine that sound, except performed by really great musicians instead of a computer program and a drum machine. Such a description doesn’t really do justice to how damn cool fwd: sounds, but it’s the best an ignorant MTV/YouTube generation-er like myself can do.

I’m really happy to hear this corner of the music world so deftly explored by a Cincinnati group. Please go check them out Thursday at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club.


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