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MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

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If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Reward yourself with some well-deserved beers, day parties, (free) awesomeness at the MidPoint Midway, and a Holtman’s doughnut (or six). Gotta carb up because we still have a long day of music.

And for our final shameless plug, John (@terriblesounds), Joe (@eachnotesecure) and I (@cutelin) will be back at it on the Twitterz if you’d like to follow along.

Findlay Day Parties MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Findlay Market Day Shows @ Findlay Market (Caitlin)

There are a lot of great bands playing for free at Findlay Market that I won’t be able to catch at MPMF. Better yet, I can watch them while stuffing my face with bahn mi from Pho Lang Thang. Best. Day. Ever. (My FM Day Show recommendations: Shivering Timbers at 11 AM, Mutts at 12:15, Love X Stereo at 1:35). Bonus: Findlay Market is about 1,000 feet from the Broken Circles Day Party at Rhinegeist.

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DayParty Final MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

12:00 PM – 4:00 PM Broken Circles Records Day Party @ Rhinegeist(Caitlin)
Free pizza, free music, Rhinegeist beer. No brainer, dudes.

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1:00 PM – 4:00 PM The MidPoint Sessions @ Art Academy (Caitlin)
MPMF favorite The Ridges are curating a special series of unplugged sets by The Happy Maladiesmolly sullivanIndigo Wild, and The Ridges.. The intimate acoustic sessions take place at the AAC’s Chidlaw Gallery along the Midway where you can also check out the FotoFocus exhibit “Reverberation: Capturing the Live Music Experience,” with photos by Each Note Secure’s own Keith Klenowski. The event is free and open to the public, and will be captured by The Queen City Project.

More info on Facebook

Tweens MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

4:15 PM Tweens @ Washington Park (John & Caitlin)
John: I mean, c’mon. How can you not love Tweens? They’re raunchy, they’re fun, and after signing with French Kiss earlier this year, they’re awesome ambassadors for Cincinnati rock ‘n roll. In fact, Stereogum recently picked Tweens as one of their 40 best new bands of 2013.

All that needs to happen is a few good reviews of their first album, a long tour, and a song featured in a Dodge Dart commercial and you can be the one casually mentioning, “Oh Tweens? Yeah, I saw them play a great show at Washington Park back in the day. You know, before they blew up. No big deal.” *self-satisfied sniff*

music2 shadowraptr photo  lindsay nehls.widea  MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

7:00 PM SHADOWRAPTR @ Midpoint Midway (John)
John: I wrote about SHADOWRAPTR’s latest record, Love a Good Mystery, in a previous Cheese Coney Review. They fuze jazz and swing with vibrant rock and experimental composition-play. The songs sound remarkably full and vibrant, definitely a welcome break from many of the muddy, over-compressed laptop mixes on I hear these days. In the same song, I’ll notice flourishes of artists as disparate as Slint, Leonard Bernstein, and Belle and Sebastian. It’s an amazing listen, so I can’t wait to hear how they translate all this live.

Caitlin: If anything, you should check them out because Saturday is SHADOWRAPTR’s second-to-last show EVER. After four years, SHADOWRAPTR announced on Facebook they’re calling it quits. Their last show isn’t until October 18th (more details TBA), and this show is free so, like, no excuses.

7:00 PM The Breeders @ Washington Park (Caitlin) 

Actually, I’ll probably be at SHADOWRAPTR since it’s one of their last shows, but what’s an ENS round up without mentioning The Breeders?

12001 1024x682 MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

8:00 PM METZ @ Grammer’s (John & Caitlin)

John: If you like super-grimy noise-hardcore, you’ll like METZ. If you wear Jesus Lizard t-shirts, insist on buying your Napalm Death albums on vinyl, and can’t make a mix for a friend without including at least one Pissed Jeans song, you’ll like METZ. If you like METZ, it’s a safe bet your girlfriend’s parents don’t like you.

Caitlin: Let’s be real: METZ doesn’t reinvent any genre, and they probably won’t stand the test of time like predecessors like Dinosaur Jr., Mission of Burma.  But who cares, they play loud, fast post-punk and if you’re one to give a shit about indie cred, they’ve shared the stage with Mission of Burma, Death From Above 1979, and Archers of Loaf, and they’re on Sub Pop.  If you’re scouring MPMF’s lineup for music with some spine to it, this is it.

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8:30 PM Mutts @ The Drinkery (Caitlin)

Someone once accurately described Mutts as “Randy Newman + a drinking habit.” I’d also throw in some Tom Waits. FYI they’re also playing a free set at Findlay Market at 12:15 PM that day.

v3 Indigo Wild 6 MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

9:00 PM Indigo Wild @ CAC (John)

John: I don’t know much about Indigo Wild, but they seem really laid-back and pleasant, so I figure it’ll be a great group to ease into the end of the final night of MidPoint (and also recover from what I’m sure will be a brutal set by METZ). More than anything, the lineup at the CAC looks amazing Saturday night, so I’m probably going to cool my heels and just camp out.

Caitlin: I can confirm that the fellas in Indigo Wild are laid-back and pleasant, as is their music.

9:30 PM Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Grammer’s (Caitlin)

10:15 PM ADM @ CAC (John)

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10:30 PM The Ridges @ Mr. Pitiful’s (Caitlin)

You Youre Awesome MidPoint Music Festival Preview 2013: Saturday Picks

11:30 PM You, You’re Awesome @ CAC (John)
You, You’re Awesome always deliver. I’ve never been to one of their shows and not had an amazing time. They’ll be an awesome Cincinnati band to close out MidPoint for me.

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