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Morr Music Sampler – A Number Of Small Things

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It is easy to admire and respect a small indie label like Morr Music. They are the kind of outfit that stays true to their mission to spread good music through a small stable of artists. Through the years, I have been a big fan of a few of their artists, especially Electric President, who’s self titled album from early in 2006 is one of the more underrated albums in the past couple years. You might also recognize that name because Ben Cooper, one half of Electric President, released an excellent solo disc earlier this year under the guise of Radical Face.

Other Morr bands of note include Benni Hemm Hem, Seabear and Lali Puna. And all are represented on this two disc sampler from the label, which was released earlier this week. The discs encompass a collection of Morr Music singles from 2001-2007 but also include six brand new songs that will be released on vinyl in the weeks to come. Enjoy a few tracks from this two disc sampler, and check after the jump for the full tracklisting.

Electric President – Dotted Lines
Populous – Breathes The Best
Butcher The Bar – Get Away

* CD 1
* Butcher the Bar – Get Away
* Butcher the Bar – Leave This Town
* Benni Hemm Hemm – Skvavars
* Benni Hemm Hemm – Aldrei (featuring Jens Lekman)
* Seavault – The Mercy Seat
* Seavault – I Could Be Happy
* Seabear – Teenage Kicks
* Seabear – Piano Hands
* Masha Qrella – Don’t Stop The Dance
* Masha Qrella – Saturday Night
* Benni Hemm Hemm – Beginning End
* Bennin Hemm Hemm – Beygja Og Byegja
* Electric President – I’m Not The Lonely Son (I’m The Ghost)
* Electric President – Wearing Influences On Our Sleeve-Less T-Shirts
* Electric President – Good Ol’ Boys
* Electric President – Dotted Lines
* John Yoko – Lali Puna – Papa Was a Rodeo
* CD2
* Populous – Breathes The Best
* Populous – Bon Bon Pour Les Rappers
* Populous – Blood Red Bird
* B. Fleischmann – Frisky He Said
* B. Fleischmann – Broken Monitors
* ISAN – No. 1. (Lent Et Douloureux)
* ISAN – No. 2. (Lent Et Triste)
* ISAN – No. 3. (Lent Et Grave)
* Styrofoam – To Simply Lie Here and Breathe
* Styrofoam – Oh, But you Are, Really
* Teamforest – Home
* Teamforest – I Cannot Care As Much As I’d Like To
* Lali Puna – Nin-Com-Pop (2LS mix)
* Lali Puna – Nin-Com-Pop (t.leboeg mix)
* Other People’s Children – On A Clear Day
* Other People’s Children – Suicide Common
* B. Fleischmann – Nico
* B Fleischmann – Hyvä Päivä

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