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[MPMF 2012] Artist Capsule: Stepdad

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Press: Popmatters : “Imagine what would happen if the Postal Service hung out with Justin Hawkins of the Darkness, listened to a lot of Passion Pit, and started recording. This is the kind of finely crafted, deliciously indulgent synthpop you get from Stepdad.”

Stepdad have many elements reminiscent of successful bands. Their ostentatious synth-rock has elements of the aforementioned Darkness, siphoned through Passion Pit’s electronic filters. They probably also get comparisons to Les Savy Fav because of their bearded, flamboyant, heavy-set front man and Phoenix because of their liberal use of driving live dance drums and falsetto.

But these guys from Grand Rapids trump all those name drops through their sheer sugary infectiousness, and that’s encouragingly the thing that sets them apart. At no moment during a Stepdad song will you feel anything less than sunny, airy, and effervescent. Happily, it seems their bright sound is finding an audience, as evidenced by their growing footprint on music blogs and their spot on 2012’s Warped Tour lineup.

Stepdad proves that you can never have too many ultra-positive synth power pop bands, especially when they concentrate on writing great hooks and beats instead of taking themselves too seriously.

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