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[MPMF 2012] Artist Capsule: Shark?

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Prefix Magazine: The collection of songs is charmingly grungy and minimalistic.

Gimme Tinnitus named True Waste one of their favorite albums of 2011.

Grungy and minimalistic? Sounds like a perfect fit for one of our favorite labels, Old Flame Records. Shark? are another Brooklyn based band but unlike the seemingly hundreds of other indie acts trying to fight for space in the already crowded region, there is something about these guys that I just can’t ignore. Maybe it’s the aforementioned ‘minimalism’, or possibly the familiarity between the vox of Shark? lead singer ….. and Interpol crooner Paul Banks, but whatever it is, I dig it. Their album, True Waste certainly has me going back for more, and I am really looking forward to their performance at MidPoint this year.

Listen to this track and let me know what you think.

Shark? are playing the Cincinnati Club at 9:30 on Thursday September 27th.

Posted by Joe Long   @   18 September 2012 1 comments


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