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[MPMF 2012] Drunk Music Reviews: Friday Night of Midpoint Music Festival

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Drunk Music Reviews is Caitlin Behle and John Sebastian. Caitlin reviews a show while progressively getting drunker, while illustrator John Sebastian turns the drunken reviews, which could be ridiculous, sloppy or just plain insulting, into a comic.

Notes: The captions that end with @drunkmusicrevws were pulled from their Twitter account during the show. Tweets ending with J are reviews from John, while tweets ending with C are from Caitlin. The chart at the bottom of every illustration shows the drink tallies for the night.

Friday night of Midpoint Music Festival proved epic for some and lackluster for others. There were complaints of venues changing (or closing down all together) at the last minute and schedules switching around, but we were drunk either way, so who cares. John and I split up for most of the night, so the Review part of Drunk Music Reviews is pretty weak. Still, let’s be honest, we’re all here for the drawings anyway.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Washington Park

Grizzly Bear at Washington Park

Dinosaur Jr. at Grammar’s

I left before the end of Grizzly Bear’s set and Grammar’s was already at capacity. Take it away, John.

J Mascis really does do a great Christopher Lee impression. I had to see it to believe it. – j – @drunkmusicrevws

Dinosaur Jr are breaking out beautiful bits of fuzzed out 90s nostalgia for me – j – @drunkmusicrevws

The Purrs out of Seattle played a fantastic, albeit weakly attended, set at MOTR. Meanwhile, J.C. Brooks and The Uptown Sound drew a great crowd at the 4EG stage on the Midpoint Midway despite the fact their set was 45 minutes earlier than scheduled when it was moved from the Hanke Building. It was a huge win for those who couldn’t afford a pass, as they got to enjoy a free, top-notch show; of course, those who didn’t get the memo about the schedule change were way pissed. The Antlers attracted a line around the block; eventually The Emery stopped letting people in, though I noticed quite a few empty seats around me. Still, any show at that venue can be transformed from good to awe-inspiring simply by being in that beautiful space, and The Antlers was no exception. Of course, I was wrapped so snugly in the warm, fuzzy blanket of their atmospheric pop (and a nice, thick beer jacket) that I fell asleep. I was just feeling it, you know?

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