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[MPMF 2012] MidPoint Music Festival Survival Tips

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It’s Thursday, the first day of the 11th annual MidPoint Music Festival and you don’t know where to start. Sure, it’s pretty obvious that Andrew Bird, Dirty Projectors and Best Coast are band names you are familiar with and plan to try and check out. But what about the other 4-6 hours of prime time schedule filling time you have on your hands? Well, here is what I recommend for your Thursday.

Take It Easy: MidPoint is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t burn out too fast if you plan to be back for Friday and Saturday. If you need to bail before the Midnight sets, or you ran into friends at MOTR during a band and didn’t make it out in time for the next thing on your schedule, don’t worry. It is impossible to see everything you want to see in a reasonable way.

Be ready for anything: The venues are pretty close to each other again this year, but be ready to hoof it around OTR plenty anyway. If you show up to a venue waiting to see a set start right on time, be advised that it might not. MPMF is pretty good with set times, but nobody is perfect. Keep your smartphone handy and the #MPMF hashtag on Twitter even handier, you never know what direction you might take when you see what people are talking about.

Drink water, Eat Food: Seriously, it’s not hot and sweaty like a summer festival, but you gotta hydrate and feed the beast people! Here are some great dining options in and around the festival area.

See someone you’ve never heard of: I, and others make this recommendation every year, but it remains important. Check a band out because you like their name or just happen to be sitting in front of them, or for no reason at all. You might love it.

The Bands: Oh yeah, how about that Thursday lineup? Well here are the bands I recommend seeing Thursday night. Most of which we already previewed, so click the links for more information.

Here We Go Magic 7 at Washington Park
Stagnant Pools 7:30 at the CAC
The Yugos 8pm at Cincinnati Club
Hospitality 8pm at Grammers
Shark? 9:30 at Cincinnati Club
The Brown James 10pm at Blue Wisp
Dirty Projectors 11:15 at The Emery
Stepdad 12am at Below Zero
Lord Huron 12am at MOTR
Turbo Fruits 12:30 at The Drinkery

Posted by Joe Long   @   27 September 2012 3 comments


Sep 27, 2012
2:47 pm
#1 euro60 :

Can’t wait for Hospitality! Should be one of the festival’s highlights for me (and I know that is a subjective assessement).

Sep 28, 2012
9:48 am
#2 Joe :

Black Taxi and The Brown James were awesome at the Blue Wisp and Dinosaur Feathers and The Henry Clay People at the Cincinnati Club put on an awesome show. The Cincy Club is a pretty cool venue too. People should go check it out this weekend!

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