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[MPMF] Win A 3-Day Pass To MidPoint 2010!

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The time has come. It’s the time of year when we Cincinnatians get to puff out our chests a little and push forward our very own music festival, MidPoint. The fest has had it’s ups and downs through the years, but has remained and this year could be it’s best year ever. We really hope you went out and bought three day passes to the event this year, and got them early at a good price, but just in case you did not, and are looking for a free ride, we might have that for you here.

ENS is giving away a pair of three day passes to the festival, which kicks off a week from today. Check out the lineup here. It WILL be the biggest single music event in Cincinnati this year, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to see your city at top volume. To win, leave a comment telling me what band you are most excited about seeing and why. Keep it simple but let me know you care.

Good luck!


Posted by Joe Long   @   16 September 2010 52 comments


Sep 16, 2010
12:13 pm
#1 Mike Dew :

I’m definitely most excited to see Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. I was going to go see them in LA at FYF Fest but my tickets got lost behind my kitchen counter and I was unable to get them out.

Sep 16, 2010
12:29 pm
#2 kgeorge10 :

Looking forward to checking out Mad Anthony at MPMF. They are a great local band that puts on a spectacular live show. The have the energy of 3 bands. Very excited to see them again.

Sep 16, 2010
12:49 pm

I’m looking forward to seeing Koala Fires – I work with Matt Mooney (lead singer/guitarist) who is a totally nice guy, our kids also enjoy their music, and I still haven’t seen them play a concert live yet (I missed their performance at Fountain Square in June.)

Sep 16, 2010
3:07 pm

I’m stoked to see Colour Revolt. I’ve heard good things about their live show and am currently in love with “The Cradle”.

Sep 16, 2010
3:16 pm
#5 Jeremy :

Elf Power! My friends and I used to rock out to The Naughty Villian all the time in college. A nice happy jam!

Sep 16, 2010
3:18 pm

I can’t wait to see Drew Laplante and the Broke Jones!! They give such positive energy to the crowd, and I love the lyrics!

Sep 16, 2010
3:50 pm
#7 Katy C. :

Definitely need to see The Sundresses this year! I missed them last year and they were on my to-see list then.

Sep 16, 2010
3:57 pm
#8 evw :

caribou. beats beats beats.

Sep 16, 2010
4:26 pm
#9 nate :

Surfer Blood is my #1 pick, with Best Coast coming in at a close #2. But there’s soooo many others like Caribou, Villagers, Elf Power, Caravan of Thieves, Justin Townes Earle and Jessica Lea Mayfield. I’ve got Surfer Blood and Best Coast at spots one and two because I think these are definitely two of the biggest up-and-coming bands in the indie scene playing MidPoint this year. ALL the major music blogs are talking them u, and from what I hear, both had exceptional sets at South by Southwest this year. Although both of these bands are fairly new, they both bring a feeling in their sound of their older influences, while at the same time they bring something fresh and original.

Sep 16, 2010
4:33 pm
#10 Chris Salley :

I’m excited to see YYA, Holy Fuck, Clare and the Reasons, and Best Coast all for different reasons but mostly because they are all awesome!

Sep 16, 2010
4:42 pm

I’m most excited about You, You’re Awesome, Holy Fuck, Koala Fires…I am also really excited about Shonen Knife being there. And have a dilemma because they’re on very close to YYA. :(

Sep 16, 2010
5:31 pm
#12 Travis Frazier :

Thats a tough one, but I’d say its a toss up between Tom Tom Club and Jason and The Scorchers. I miss Cincinnati so much, I hope this will be my chance to come see old friends. Oh, and J. Dorsey Blues Revival and Lions Rampant and Oxford Cotton and on and on and on and on and……..

Sep 16, 2010
6:19 pm
#13 Amy :

A Place to Bury Strangers. I saw their show at Southgate House this year or rather I heard their show. I was kind of pissed that they played in total darkness. But then the sound took over. It stuck in my head (or my ears rang from it)for days. Bought their CD and could then hear traces of Joy Division. So I then went out to buy Joy Division’s music. So no other band has influenced me as much as A Place to Bury Strangers.

Sep 16, 2010
6:24 pm

I’m most excited to see You, You’re Awesome. Those guys always put on a great show AND they’re from Cincinnati. What’s not to love?

Sep 16, 2010
6:36 pm
#15 Rachel :

I would absolutely, positively, love to see Phantogram. I was supposed to watch them perform at the Northcoast music festival, but money has been so tight lately that I couldn’t go, and I haven’t been able to afford tickets for mpmf. I have never been to a music festival, and this is one of my favorite bands. Dancing makes everything in life seem better.

Sep 16, 2010
6:39 pm
#16 Katie :

I’m excited to see You, You’re Awesome! I went to their first show. It was great, and the icing on the cake was that they brought pie to share with everyone. Nice folks, good music.

Sep 16, 2010
6:55 pm

Surfer Blood…I just love their sound

Sep 16, 2010
7:37 pm

I’m super excited to see some of the new up and coming national bands, such as Best Coast, Surfer Blood, and Cults. Cuz I know they probably wouldn’t play here if it wasn’t for MPMF.

Sep 16, 2010
11:38 pm
#19 tvfish :

Just one band? …. I tried, but I couldn’t… Although, I am most excited to see the Clovers followed by Cults!! YYA with by Holy Fuck is going to be awesome, too! Amo Joy rocked Southgate months back, cant wait to see them again!! +/- , best coast, ted leo with lions rampant, of course, & so many more. — Thank you!!

Sep 16, 2010
11:41 pm
#20 Donald McClurg :

I can’t pick one band, all I know is this is my favorite event in Cincinnati and I’ll be checking out live music from awesome bands all weekend long. Can’t wait! I wish we could have this again in June to get everyone fired up for summer!

Sep 17, 2010
12:35 am

I would love to take my boyfriend to see Best Coast!! “When I’m with you” was one of the first songs he ever played for me. and It would surprise him cuz I’m broke..

Sep 17, 2010
1:35 am
#22 John D :

The Pass because they’re the best band to come out of the KY since MMJ.

Sep 17, 2010
10:50 am
#23 udandi :

t-t-timorous me is looking forward to Ted Leo & the Rx!

Sep 17, 2010
10:52 am
#24 Scott holzman :

Saturday night, know theater, Josiah wolf. The man behind the drums for why? Turned singer songwriter with a twist. He sings, plays guitar and drums simultaneously, with his special lady playing bass and singing too. The record is outstanding, the live show is somehow not to miss from these two. Josiah is a Son of Cincinnati to top it off, I know I’m happy he is back in the area.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good silver Jews cover?

Sep 17, 2010
4:13 pm
#25 brian schwegman :

most excited about the Special Show // only because i dream its the Greenhornes!!!
but all the headliners at grammers should be rad!!

Sep 18, 2010
11:45 am
#26 tim brooks :

Most excited for caribou!

Sep 19, 2010
5:54 pm
#27 Tania :

COLOR REVOLT. Been following them for years – can’t wait to see them again.

Sep 20, 2010
10:04 am
#28 Corey Hemphill :

Best Coast – They are going to put on a helluva show and they love to smoke erb.

Sep 20, 2010
10:12 am
#29 Angie :

I am SO excited to see Gold Motel! They were supposed to have a show at the Southgate House a few months back, but their drummer fell ill and they had to cancel. I was so bummed.

When I saw they were coming for MPMF, I freaked out! Greta is amazing, loved her with The Hush Sound, but I gotta say, Gold Motel’s album is A-mazing. Not to be missed!!! :)

Sep 20, 2010
10:19 am
#30 Joel :

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. I also want to see Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s, The Young Republic, The Seedy Seeds, Wussy, The Hiders, You You’re Awesome, Ha Ha Tonka, Tom Tom Club. Sadly I can’t see them all because there are overlapping shows, but everyone of these are going to be a great show.

Sep 20, 2010
10:23 am
#31 EP :

Most excited to see Richard Buckner: I’ve seen him twice now at SGH, and each time it’s a chilling, moving, and intimate concert. Was quite surprised to see him on the lineup for MPMF and I’m sure he won’t disappoint. (And I’m pretty pumped to see my one and only play guitar Friday night with Eric Tepe Band @ Mainstay – excited for them that they get to be a part of MPMF!)

Sep 20, 2010
10:34 am
#32 Craig Branch :

I’d love to see The Sundresses and the rest of the Saturday lineup that follows them. Unfortunately, with finances and the economy being what they are, by only the grace of Gawd and through your generosity will I be able to see/listen to one of the region’s hidden treasures. Rock On!

Sep 20, 2010
10:35 am

Most excited to see Ha Ha Tonka. Looking forward to Justin Townes Earl, Caribou, and others as well.

Sep 20, 2010
10:37 am
#34 Amy Beth :

Can’t wait to hear Girls, Guns and Glory at MidPoint again – these guys are the best Americana band with several Boston Music Awards to their credit!

Sep 20, 2010
10:45 am
#35 Matt :

I’m looking forward to seeing Van Dyke Parks. Over and over the crow cries uncover the cornfield!

Sep 20, 2010
10:45 am
#36 kate :

The Tom Tom Club! Legends of music. I also dig some of the YouTube clips I’ve seen of Walk The Moon. Would like to check them out.

Sep 20, 2010
10:56 am
#37 shanon shipley :

“total sonic annihilation” sounds right up my alley… I WANT to see A Place to Bury Strangers. Noise is goodoododododdd. 😀

Sep 20, 2010
11:08 am
#38 Mike Keller :

I am most excited to see the Tom Tom Club.

Sep 20, 2010
11:40 am
#39 Phil Thoms :

The Chain Gang of 1974
Because of its cool name.

Sep 20, 2010
11:45 am
#40 Maria :


Sep 20, 2010
12:19 pm
#41 Ross :

caribou, under darkness, metamorphose.
woodland light, filtered atop – into –
dissipates a spider’s web, a sticky hotbed.
My hoofs so move, scrape the earth
in rhythmic uncertainty,
uncovering the frost carpet,
unearthing the fruitless bounty.

Sep 20, 2010
12:39 pm
#42 cathy kunkel-mains :

Phantogram is my choice with its pure form and comination of the unreal inspires.

Sep 20, 2010
12:57 pm
#43 Jeff :

i definitely want to see best coast and holy f*ck. i haven’t seen either live and listen to them pretty faithfully.

Sep 20, 2010
2:29 pm
#44 Tillie Elvrum :

I want to see all the bands at MPMF, but especially Best Coast…live is where it’s at!

Sep 20, 2010
3:05 pm
#45 euro60 :

Most excited, by far, to see Phantogram. I’ve been loving their album since it came out earlier this year, and cannot wait to see how it will come across live.

I already have my pass so no need to pick me as the winner of the free pass :-)

Sep 20, 2010
3:09 pm
#46 Crystal :

probably Surfer Blood, their debut is great!

Sep 20, 2010
3:29 pm
#47 Manda P :

I am super jazzed to see the Tom Tom Club. One of the best rhythm sections from back in the day and total visionaries. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Shonen Knife. It’s a total flashback to high school, but a good one.

Sep 20, 2010
6:13 pm
#48 Paul :

Justin Townes Earle for sure.

Sep 20, 2010
7:23 pm
#49 denise almond :

honestly,unless i win a pass,i will not be attending this year,for the 1st time since mpmf’s inception.i am really bummed about that,as it is my favorite cinti. happening,& music makes my soul & body just feel better!things are very bad financially(not just for me,but everyone,i understand that).i am 55 & attended most of the concerts from age 15 to age 18 or so.since then i have seen some great shows,not as many as i’d like.mid-point is by far the best attraction cinti. has!i haven’t had a chance to listen to all the bands as of yet,since i haven’t won(i entered a couple other contests as well,but haven’t heard.)of course there are some locals i’d love to see,such as the hiders,but i think i’ll try to see the out of towners,since i may not get a chance to see them again.i really HAVE to see tom tom club,who wouldn’t want to!i also really like blue venus,shonen knife since they are from so far away (& in honor of my 20 yr old niece in seattle who listens only to japanese music),death on 2 wheels,filligar,blue venus, & of course the secret show is a must(albeit the fact i still don’t know who it is!)there are so many good groups,it’s gonna be tough to set up a personal schedule,but if i win,i sure as heck would do it,with my best friend since 1st grade,who i attend with every year.i know it is a hard choice to pick someone worthy,but i feel i am since i am a true rock r roller!!thanks & rock on!!

Sep 22, 2010
8:50 pm
#50 Josh O. :

Definitely the Banderas. I saw them a few weeks ago and they were great. It will be a late show, but I’m excited to see them.

Apr 2, 2012
8:12 am

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