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MusicNOW 2008 Lineup Unveiled!

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Big news today from the good folks at the MusicNOW festival. As you know, we are huge fans of the event and spent large chunks of time there each of the past two years. This year’s lineup looks as good as any and I am really stoked for the event this year yet again. So, get aload of this…..

Andrew Bird
Grizzly Bear
Glenn Kotche of Wilco
The Dirty Projectors
Bang On A Can

Wednesday, April 2nd

An evening of music and film featuring vintage experimental films from the New York Filmmaker’s Cooperative by Robert Breer, Marie Menken, and Harry Smith along with contemporary artists Matthew Ritchie and Bill Morrisson accompanied by festival performers and special guests at the Contemporary Arts Center.

Thursday, April 3rd
An evening of American Guitar with classical guitarist Benjamin Verdery and Bill Frisell’s 828 Quartet, featuring Eyvind Kang, Hank Roberts & Jenny Scheinman, at Memorial Hall

Friday, April 4th
Dirty Projectors and Bang on a Can featuring Glenn Kotche and Bryce Dessner at Memorial Hall

Saturday, April 5th

Andrew Bird and Grizzly Bear at Memorial Hall.

Tickets are $15 for individual concerts, $40 for 3 nights at Memorial Hall and available to purchase online.

The festival is again at Memorial Hall and will be April 2-5. Can’t wait!

Posted by Joe Long   @   21 January 2008 5 comments


Jan 21, 2008
4:05 pm
#1 Euro60 :

Nice! If nothing else I will be there Saturday evening.

Jan 21, 2008
10:30 pm
#2 J-Love :

I had doubted that the Music NOW Festival could get any better than last year, but wow. (Still, it’ll be tough to top an unforgettable 2007)
You better believe you’ll see me there, celebrating music and “manliness.”

If you can, do yourself a favor and attend EVERY night – Sufjan was the arguable highlight last year, but I couldn’t help but think that the people who cherrypicked the Saturday night headliner had seriously missed out.

Another win for music lovers in Cincinnati. Thanks Bryce and friends. I’m speechless.

Jan 28, 2008
3:11 pm
#3 dave :

I’ll be there with bells on

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