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Nellie McKay – Pretty Little Head

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Nellie Mckay
Nellie McKay is wacked out, seriously, this gal marches to the beat of her own drummer. If the title of her debut album didnt show that, (“Get Away From Me” was a play on two other albums titles, Norah Jones’ Come Away with Me and Jane Monheit’s Come Dream with Me) then this new double disc version of Pretty Little Head will.

Dont misunderstand though, Nellie is really an amazing talent. And being wacked out in the realm of musicians is kinda like being mayor in some ways, the most creative and eccentric can be the best. McKay has been through the gauntlet in the past year though, as Sony decided to chop Pretty Little Head in half and then drop Nellie as well. Mostly due to the disagreement over this album. Nellie wanted the 23 song, 2 disc version to see the light of day, while the label insisted on a 16 song version. You know the way this story goes, artist and labels stand fast, and part ways.

Well, Pretty Little Head is now dropping, just as Nellie intended tomorrow on her own label, Hungry Mouse Records. The double disc offering weaves in and out of genre and tune at times as Nellie continues to defy categorization. She jumps from piano ragtime tune to hip hop beats and then back with yodeling, yes yodeling. Nellie also employs the help of friends and music savants Cindy Lauper on “Beecharmer” and KD Lang on “We Had It Right”.

The album is quite entertaining, even if you arent a fan of McKays work, and the story is all its cracked up to be. I think this quote from McKay describing her label despute says alot about her approach to music.

Nellie McKay – There You Are In Me

“All that matters to me is that I can continue to make irritating music which will baffle and enrage.”

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Posted by Joe Long   @   30 October 2006 3 comments


Oct 30, 2006
3:00 pm
#1 Hunta :

I don’t really know what to think of Nellie McKay. I can’t see owing a CD but I like almost everything I’ve heard. I think that it might get old quickly and not hold up. I’ll dl the mp3 and take another look.

Jan 3, 2008
8:02 pm
#2 Charlotte :

I’ve purchased two CDs of Nellie McKay’s and have not been disappointed. I’d heard her for the first time during an interview on a local, Baltimore radio station (WYPR/MPR ‘Fresh Air’) and was charmed with her songs ‘Mother of Pearl’ and (guessing the next title)’I want to get married’. Though at times I am confused as to whether or not she is being sarcastic — I take her pieces lightly and interpret them according to my own life experiences.

Apr 15, 2008
2:15 pm
#3 sam :

she is a genius of understated ‘straight-man’ sarcasm.

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