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Pomegranates look to ‘Kickstart’ next album

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After three successful albums in a span of just over four years, one of Cincinnati’s best bands, Pomegranates, are ready to create yet again. The band are returning to the roots of their first album Everything Is Alive for album number four, and are asking for your help to get it done. Here is an excerpt from a note written by Poms drummer Jacob Merritt.

Also in the spirit of that first album, we want to try and fund the recording independently of a label. That’s not to say that we won’t end up releasing this new record with a label at some point, but if we are able to fund the record through your support and generosity, odds are you will be able to listen in your car or bedroom a little bit sooner than if we waited around for funding to come in from an outside source.

To be honest, we may not have even been in the position to ask you for your proactive financial support if it wasn’t for an unfortunate event this past October. A couple days before about 6 weeks of touring, our van was broken into, and thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment was stolen. We had to scramble to replace it in the course of 48 hours, and are still in the process of paying it all off.

You can read the full note here, and donate to the making of the album on Kickstarter. If you are fan of Pomegranates, it’s worth your time and money to help them make this one happen on their own.

As you can see from the widget to the right, the band are already more than halfway to their goal, so help them get over the top!

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Posted by Joe Long   @   24 February 2011 1 comments


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