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Ruckus Roboticus – Playing With Scratches

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I also love it when I discover great new music that is instantly enjoyable. And it is even more fun when I can do that and find ruckus.jpgout that the artist I have just discovered is local to the Greater Cincinnati area. Such is the case with Ruckus Roboticus, a DJ hailing from just north of Cincy in Dayton, Ohio, who I recently came across thanks to one of our specialty shows at, Xtrabeats.

Of course, Ruckus Roboticus is not just a local dude trying to make it out of Ohio, he already has some very notable work under his belt, including a remix he did of Bloc Party’s “Hunting For Witches”, being a finalist in the Scion “Free-Up-Your-Mix” contest and most recently, unleashing an excellent album titled, Playing With Scratches.

The debut album sees RR mixing up hip hop and funk with a wide variety of children’s music, which makes this experimental DJ project a real unique and fun listen. I have already purchased a copy of the record, and I will ask you to do the same if you like what you hear. Highly recommended if you like artists like DJ Shadow or Cut Chemist.

Stream new music from Playing With Scratches here.

And by the way, an all new Xtrabeats airs tonight on at 8pm EST!

Ruckus Roboticus – Hunting For Witches (Bloc Party Remix)

Posted by Joe Long   @   11 January 2008 4 comments


Jan 16, 2008
10:45 pm

i’ve been a fan of ruckus since “The Record Playa”. he pretty much rules.

i’m glad everyone is finally noticing. :)

Feb 25, 2008
12:50 pm
#2 schnodder :

one of the best albums ever.

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